Apple Superbowl Ad?

And what would Superbowl Sunday be without rumors of Apple's return to this advertising venue...

The Hartford Courant claims that Apple Computer will be featuring their latest Powerbook ad during the Superbowl.

    Watch the TV commercials during the Super Bowl on Sunday and you'll see one for Apple Computer Co. that features diminutive Verne Troyer, the Mini-Me in the Austin Powers flicks, along with a tall guy.

Of interest, the article notes that Yao Ming will "only endorse products he uses".

melchior, however, points out that Apple does not appear on a list of Superbowl advertisers, and is even listed as a company which will not be advertising in the upcoming Superbowl.

The average price for a 30second spot for this year's Superbowl is $2.1 million.

Update: No Apple ad was shown during the Superbowl, however, the Yao Ming/Mini-Me ad was shown during Alias which aired immediately after the Superbowl.