MacWorld San Francisco 2003 Rumors

MacWorld Expo San Francisco 2003 kicks off next week at The Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The event that everyone is waiting for is Steve Jobs' keynote address which has been the traditional announcement event for new product releases. MacWorld SF 2002 brought us the long anticipated LCD iMac.

Recent rumors have been pointing towards both the iMac and eMac lines as potential upgrades. This correlates with the Apple's product cycles... with the most recent updates already to have refreshed the Powerbook (Nov 2002), iBooks (Nov 2002), and PowerMacs (Aug 2002).

The eMac and iMac have seen minor bumps (Superdrive, 17" Screen) over the past year but their last major revisions have been in April 2002 and January 2002, respectively.

Rumors have been floating around for speed bumped iMacs and eMacs. Recent information seems to indicate that Bluetooth will be integrated (at least) with the new iMacs.

While rumors of 19" iMacs were sparked in June by a Digitimes report, also rumored are 19" LCD's themselves. With the 15" LCD discontinued, Apple is in the position to move the product line into 17", 19", 23" tiered products. First rumors of such a move date back to this time last year (2001) from

Beyond this, the most concrete information we have include definite iApp upgrades, a new Apple Application, and new "hardware/feature" -- which may prove to be Bluetooth. Other details are scarce.