Final Roundup... iBooks and Powerbooks

The time draws near...

Various news sources expect iBook updates to take place on November 6th. CNet, PowerPage, ThinkSecret and others have posted similar specs of the upcoming iBooks, with further proof provided by Apple themselves on price drops of the iBook to $999. The only dissent comes from, who hint at a surprise iBook 32MB Video Ram upgrade.

Specs and rumors about Powerbook updates are notably absent, however, with only PowerPage skirting the issue with talk of Powerbook MWSF 2003 updates. Unofficial specs have floated around... and As The AppleTurns claims to be the only rumor site to predict Superdrives with the Powerbook, despite our claims of the same. Of interest... Powerbook supplies are low, but not at zero at this time. But if Powerbooks are to be delayed, why did Apple's site also reflect a $200 drop in Powerbook prices as well?

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