MacSlash Domain


To our users:

You have probably noticed by now that the URL now points to a generic Dotster page. We are attempting to get in touch with Dotster, but they have been unable or unwilling to reply. We are not certain at this time whether the situation is malicious or not (i.e., squatting), but without word from Dotster, we have nothing else to go on. If the domain has not been stolen, then it has been registered in bad faith. We're an established business and media presence, and anyone who registered it, no matter how innocently, is a squatter.

In the interim, we have registered, and are hoping that will be up by tomorrow or Friday. We would like to thank Charlie Ruggiero and John Painter, who are helping to set up alternative domains ( and, respectively).

For more information and updates, please email us at or call Ben Stanfield, Executive Editor, 270-881-0680. Thanks to everyone who has contacted us already.

We are hoping to have this issue resolved ASAP. We apologize for the inconvenience.


The MacSlash crew