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MacWorld Chile 2002

Cristian provides info on MacWorld Chile 2002 - April 4th and 5th:

    Apple Chile released a newspaper ad (image here), promoting Macworld Chile 2002. One of the demonstrations include (direct translation): Quicktime 6.0, the platform to produce dynamic interactive content. Quicktime Player, TV and Web. How to record DVDs with iDVD and DVD Studio Pro.

    Demos: Livestage Pro, Cleaner 5.0, Sorenson, MPEG 4, FinalCut Pro, Quicktime Streaming, Quicktime Broadcaster.

As well, there have been unverified rumors of an April 2 Apple Event.

Other Apple events this week include NAB (April 6-11), as well as National School Board Association (April 6-9). By NAB, we expect to hear about DVD Studio Pro 1.5 as well as an update on QT6/MPEG4.