OS X v10.1.3 Update Available

Mac OS X v10.1.3 update is now available from Apple. (Standard System Preferences/Software Update drill.) As stated in the update's descriptive blurb:

CD Disc Recording Peripherals:

  • Expanded support for QPS, EZQuest, LaCie, Yamaha, MCE Technologies and Sony devices

Image Capture and iPhoto:

  • Improved support for several digital camera models from Canon, Kodak and Sony

Graphics and OpenGL Improvements:

  • DVD Playback on external VGA displays on PowerBook G4

  • PowerBook video mirroring will be on by default when connecting to a new display

  • Improvements for iTunes when the full screen visualizer is used

Networking and Security Improvements:

  • Login authentication support for LDAP and Active Directory services

  • OpenSSH version 3.0.2p1

  • WebDAV support for Digest authentication

  • Mail includes support for SSL encryption

Have at it!