More Speculation and 'Sources'

CNet has an updated article regarding Apple's mysterious Digital Device. They revise their previous hints of a portable MP3 player... instead:

Apple apparently is not planning to introduce a portable MP3 player, but something more sophisticated such as a component for a home digital stereo system, sources said.

Take all with a grain of salt... the "musical" nature of this device is coming only from CNet. Most others have little idea what exactly is coming.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Apple's CFO (Fred Anderson) is quoted with the following: For instance, next Tuesday we'll be unveiling a groundbreaking foray into the digital arena.

Finally, MacOSRumors chimed in with:

No one who is not privy to the project knows anything until Monday, when we will have a briefing from Steve Jobs and Jon Rubinstein. I personally know that it involves collaboration between the Quicktime and iTunes development team with another self-contained team.

A "groundbreaking" and "breakthrough" device... hmmm...