Microtek Scanners Under OS 9.2

A quick heads up to users planning to use Microtek scanners with the new
Quicksilver G4's.
I have a Microtek ScanMaker X6 (USB), purchased over a year ago, which
generates execllent quality scans and was rather economical. After
upgrading to a Quicksilver G4 (dual 800), I went
to install the ScanWizard driver suite that came on the bundled CD
(the same version that's currently on Microtek's download site,
v1.03.1) and during the install process, my system locked. The
install also locked when run after booting with extensions turned off.
I am running MacOS 9.2.1 on this G4, which is probably the culprit
(note that the Quicksilvers will not load any version of MacOS prior
to v9.2).

I had sent several e-mails over the past few days, and seeing no
response, I phoned their tech support. After explaining the above, I
was told that this support inquiry had to be elevated to another level (or
some such) and that it would
involved a $30 charge! Obviously I did not proceed to accept that charge,
as an attempting to install the latest drivers on a fresh install of
the system OS definitely does not warrant an additional
charge to the user!

So, assuming this is a general issue with Mac OS 9.2,
be advised that the successful use of certain Microtek scanners with a
Quicksilver may cost you $30 above the cost of the scanner (and it has
yet to be seen whether these two
devices can be made to work together at all.) Anyone else attempting this
who doesn't mind the $30 hit, please post the results of your inquiry.

UPDATE: Amazingly, I've found that the drivers and other software on the install CD will install if run from Classic under OS X! Who would've thought. (No charge for that one, folks!)

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