Jobs on Expo Paris

Adam wrote in to tell us:

I look at a couple of rumor sites every once and a while, and most of you guys tell me that thier is going to be new hardware at Paris 2001, but Steve says something else. Maybe just putting his hand over our eyes, or is he telling the truth?

I think he's telling the truth. Given the signifciant new hardware at MWNY (and throughout this year, really) we've not been expecting any new hardware coming out of the Paris Expo. I don't blame Jobs for defusing expectations up front, given the degree to which people seem to have had unfulfilled expectations at MWNY. Which has amazed us here at Macrumors. Yes, this is a rumors site, and it's great fun to speculate, but it's wise to keep one's expectations grounded somewhat within the realms of reality, as an Apple Event approaches (though we were anything but dissapointed with the offerings at MWNY).