Apple's Design Team

The Wall Street Journal has a very "
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about Apple's design team.

Apple's reliance on hit computers, analysts say, has
locked Messrs. Rubinstein and Ive into a cycle where
they constantly need to outdo themselves with
innovative machines.

Sound familiar? Two other promising quotes from the

Now, even as other PC makers scale back, Apple
continues to invest in hardware and design. According
to brokerage firm Gerard Klauer Mattison & Co., Apple's
research and development expenditures are expected
to total 7.1% of its annual revenue in 2001, up from
4.8% in 2000

And... the hint of new products...

Mr. Rubinstein says the hardware and design team
currently have about a dozen projects going on. But he
is keeping mum. "It helps give the product a bigger
impact when it actually comes out," he says.