New G4 Tower and "Tessera" has a pretty exciting posting of rumours surrounding the release of new G4 towers (in new "metallic" enclosures) and of "Tessera," the new iMac. Quotes from article (thru several updates):

"...the new PowerMac G4s will ship in 733 MHz, 850 MHz and dual 850 MHz configurations."

"The new G4s have 166 Mhz CPU bus asynchronous with 133Mhz DDR memory bus. They are not 733 and 850, but rather 750 and 833 MHz."

Interesting stuff. If true, it would seem the dual 850 will take the $2,999 high-end position, the 850 will sit at $2,499, and the 733 will fall at $2,199. Question is, what will be sitting at $1,699? The mystery unfolds...