Clandestine G4 1GHz Press Release?...Not Quite

raceman59 writes "Unfortunately the leaps forward in G4 microprocessor technology just doesn't seem to be front page news to the rest of the PC world. Motorola's 1GHz G4 press release made the front page on Yahoo's news but was simply bumped for more "interesting" developments (like a phone that doubles as a wrist watch).

My Apple brothers, its a sad state of affairs but we are behind the leading edge and playing catch up to the wintels of the world. I know the G4 is faster, you know the G4 is faster but the computer buying sheep "know" 1.13Ghz is faster than 500Mhz. This is simply a matter of bigger is better when you don't know Jack. . .

Joe Blow "somebody went to the moon again? Who cares they already did that last year. Now if they could go to Uranus . . . that would be cool!" Motorola will make a 1GHz G4 But Who cares . . . WE DO!!! We just want it in a timely fashion so we can play with all the other kids and not feel Mhz envy.
The article still lives on at the following address. Rest assured, you wont have to fight your way through the virtual door to see the bright and shining 1Ghz baby."