A Look Back at the NeXTstation

The Fly on the
has posted a superb piece of web
content. A
Look Back: The NeXTstation
is a 9-page HTMLified
rendition of an advertisement for the NeXTstation
computer, circulated in 1990. Quite an
incredible piece of hardware (it's impressive
even today, I'll be bold enough to say), this Unix
machine was the final hardware item that NeXT put out
before feeling the pain of the market and going
software-only. The slab-shaped,
magnesium-encased, 68040-based unit was, and is, a
thing of beauty, indeed. And the latest version
of its OS is known as "MacOS X Server," and is the
basis for almost all of the forthcoming Mac OS X core.
(And after years of lusting, I was able to put one href="http://www.blakespot.com/desk/desk17.jpg">on
my desk
earlier this year...)

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