New Mac Products?

One MacRumors reader (Fergal) writes in and claims the following:

i know this could be old stuff at this stage but it looks like Jobs is only gonna show the new speedbumped iMac's and G4's for the MacWorld Expo. Although I heard from Apple sources that their will also be a couple of new Monitors to be shown.

As regards the new G4 cube, it's about just over a quater of the size of the current G4 and going through testing it's very flakey to say the least. Apple at the moment are also just concentrating on Zephyr and Fortismo the new updated software and the 9.5 software releases."

While this sounds plausible, they also mention that a "flat screen" iMac is pushed off for a while. I've seen a fair amount of hopeful speculation about a Flat Panel iMac, but it seems to be just that - hopeful speculation.

Meanwhile, AppleInsider now claims "it is no longer expected that Apple will introduce a 17" version of their iMac personal computer."

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