Inprise/Borland Heads to the Mac!

Slashdot has posted a bit on an InfoWorld article that informs us that Inprise/Borland has officially pledged support to the forthcoming Mac OS X operating system. The company will release JBuilder (a Java IDE) for OS X that will fully support the features of OS X, Aqua, etc. The status of ports of other products is unknown at this time. This is excellent news for the Mac community, both in what it will provide directly and in the message this sends to the development community.

InfoWorld states, incorrectly, that this is Borland's "first foray" into the Mac scene. Borland Turbo Pascal was released in the late 80's for the Macintosh. I remember because I purchased it to use on the Magic Sac Mac emulator running on an Atari 520ST I had at the time. (Quite a nifty little device.)