Got a Mac Here? Build a Mac There!

My dual-headed B&W G3 400, sitting at home, doesn't leave me wanting for anything--at home. The office is another matter. I spend my time in the office behind a PC coding VBscript ASP's--no Macs there to speak of, and that is a sad thing. So, I thought to myself, "why not build one cheap?" So I have.

PowerMac 6100/66 (with CD-ROM, ethernet), OS 8.1, 24MB RAM, 500MB HD, 15" portrait display, Zip drive, external 400MB SCSI HD. For cheap! Between $100 in parts on eBay and what I had in the closet--it was simple. And with a $25 video board this thing will drive two monitors! 72-pin SIMMs are so cheap it'd be easy to top off the RAM, and as a bonus I've finally got a Mac floppy drive at my disposal. And it can be upgraded to a G3--quite fine!

It'd be a real voyage to the vintage to drop below PPC (anything less than a 6100), but even that might be worth it at the insanely low prices old machines can be snagged for. Is it worth $100 to have a PowerMac at your "other" location...?

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