User Feedback: Green Screen 512ke

Trey Christensen writes "I have a mac 512ke with a green screen.

It is not hard to make one. you take the green phosphor picture tube from one of the little Apple IIc compact monitors (9" just like the mac one) and just swap it out for the macs. monochrome picture tubes are a continuous coating of one color, so these swaps arent difficult. now a color tube swap is a biotch to line up all the electron guns and what not.

I hope no one pays to much for this, as it is most likely faked. I considered doing this myself, but couldn't do it in clear conscience because of my own ethics.

what would be awesome is one of the protoypes with a 5.25" drive, which is even accidentally included in some of the early ads

trey "

Thanks Trey. For interest, the eBay seller of the Green Screen 128k Mac added a comment to the previous article.