Apple's App Store Usage Numbers Peg iOS 7 Adoption at 78%

Monday December 30, 2013 3:00 PM PST by Jordan Golson
After three-and-a-half months on the market, iOS 7 is installed on some 78 percent of devices connecting to the App Store, according to the latest numbers posted on Apple's App Store support page for developers.

The company puts iOS 6 adoption at 18 percent, and older OS versions at 4 percent. The data from Apple is likely the most accurate adoption data we will see and is the most relevant for developers as its taken directly from the App Store.

Earlier in December, Apple reported iOS 7 adoption at 74 percent.

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Posted: 12 months ago

Will never understand why Apple sees 'fragmentation' as an issue. It hardly matters.

Ha! You obviously aren't a developer.
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Posted: 12 months ago
I'd like to see numbers on how many people regretted it after updating. :D
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Posted: 12 months ago
How many of those adoption number will change if they allow iOS6 downgrade?
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Posted: 12 months ago

how many of those adoption number will change if they allow ios6 downgrade?

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Posted: 12 months ago
It would be interesting to see what percentage of devices that can't run iOS 7 are in these percentages to get a good idea of how many devices can upgrade but haven't.
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Posted: 12 months ago
Oh sure, after Apple very "helfully" downloads IOS7 to your device, without your consent, then we are a click away from doing something irreversible. TOO LATE.
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Posted: 12 months ago

That graph is the biggest lie ever.
Apple don't give the users any other choice.
It's like saying: either you use our new ios or you can't use your device again....

What do you know adaption rate 90%

Simply genius...

Let people the option to go back to ios 6 and you will see this graph drop to 40% at best.

More like, this is the package Apple chooses to sell as a product, and the OS is an inherent part of that package. If you don't like the package, you can simply choose to purchase an alternate product.

That's how "choice" works in the real world pal. And that's the beauty of being a consumer. You buy products if you like them, you buy different products if you don't. The OS is part of the package, and iOS 7 is part of the product that Apple is selling. By using an Apple product you agreed to an EULA that stated Apple may alter or change the software as they see fit. Also, you proceeded with the update, it didn't install on it own, it only downloads itself.

And no, usage would not drop down to 40% if given the opportunity to downgrade. Just because you haters make the most noise doesn't mean you speak for the majority. You're a vocal minority. Most people are happily using 7, some probably indifferent, some loving it, others not as much. But we would see massive return rates and low customer satisfaction scores if half of customers HATED it. But guess what, that's not happening. Turns out Apple can't keep the damn products on store shelves, and people are enjoying them.

Get it? You're a vocal minority. Either get over it, or move on to a different platform. Nobody will miss you guys.
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Posted: 12 months ago

It would be interesting to see what percentage of devices that can't run iOS 7 are in these percentages to get a good idea of how many devices can upgrade but haven't.

My old iPhone 4 (not even 'S') is now more or less unusable after the forced update to iOS 7. Does that count as well ?
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Posted: 12 months ago

Well you did have a choice…

You know folks always say that. However until you update you don't really know how is going to perform. Not to mention the space sucked up by the forced download. On a 16gb device with only 13gb usable to start with, taking 3+gb for software that you don't intend to install isn't really right. Especially when Apple charges $100 for 16 gb more. And until you use the new iOS with your stuff you don't really know. Anyway you are correct no one forces anyone to push the install button but perhaps Apple should not push it down it either until one pushes the button to install. Also maybe a warning that "your device is older generation and therefore may not perform as well as you are used to" could be an option to help people decide. Worse case let them go back 1 rev at the very least.

I have 4s and it runs fine with 7 but you never know, I may be weary when iOS8 rolls around as it may kill the 4s.
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Posted: 12 months ago

It's *very* laggy in general and no fun to use any more. In fact it sometimes takes seconds after a touch until something happens on the screen (browsing the address book for example). The general UI (i.e. the animations) are just as bad as on my new iPad Air.

As a phone it's really unusable now. Accepting a call takes about 3-5 seconds until it reacts on the fact that I just pressed that green button.

If I could I would immediately go back to iOS 6.

Think something is wrong with your phone. iPhone 4 here and it runs fine all current releases of iOS 7 including 7.1 b1 & b2

When iOS 6 came out it was awful and everyone was complaining and would of loved to go back to iOS 5. Then by the end of it's development cycle it was working well... Now we have another new OS that will not be fully realised for some time to come.

As a starting OS 7 is miles ahead of 6. Far too many rose tinted glasses.
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