eBay for iOS Updated with Multiple Item Checkout, Driver's License Scanning

Thursday May 16, 2013 12:43 PM PDT by Juli Clover
eBay today released updates to its iPhone and iPad apps, offering a redesigned user interface that includes multiple search views, an improved bidding process for ending auctions, and new shopping cart functionality.

With the new shopping cart, users can add multiple items to the cart and purchase them at the same time with a single payment. The app also features larger photos and better search results, with the iPad version of the app sporting new photo editing tools.

The iPhone app has also gained an interesting new function, allowing users to scan in their drivers licenses with the iPhone's camera to quickly create new accounts.
- New and improved look and feel
- Checkout multiple items at a time with the new eBay Shopping Cart (US and UK only)
- Tap the grid icon at the top of search results to see larger photos (iOS 6 required)*
- Scan your drivers license for fast and easy eBay registration (available in select US states)
- Improved last minute bidding
- Selling support for Spain
- Many bug fixes and enhancements
Both the iPhone and iPad eBay apps can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

eBay for iPhone [Direct Link]
eBay for iPad [Direct Link]

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Posted: 20 months ago
Uh, no.
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Posted: 20 months ago
Analysis of your driver's license has determined the following:
[*]You have one or more DUI's on your account
[*]You have [3] speeding tickets.
[*]You are wanted in California

This has resulted in an increase of 65% in your Final Value Fee.
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Posted: 20 months ago
It looks nice and flat. Maybe it's a sign of things to come :)
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Posted: 20 months ago
Scanning DL?

Not only no, but HELL NO.
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Posted: 20 months ago

It looks nice and flat. Maybe it's a sign of things to come :)

It was designed by ebay, not Apple.
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Posted: 20 months ago

After selling 50 auctions on ebay, and getting paid, and paying all their million or so fees, and more fees, and hidden fees, and paypal fees, and shipping fees, and shipping label payment fees, and and and... I just got a call from paypal, and they are sitting on all my money, and said they couldn't release any of my funds until I emailed over copies of my birth cert, social security card, and two forms of gov-issued picture ID (drivers lic & passport). I asked them why, and they said "The patriot act makes us". Funny, it doesn't make anyone else...

I don't know how many of you signed up for a new ebay acct recently, but when you do, they'll contact you at some point, and ask you a series of identity questions, such as, "who in your family lived at 23423 river rd" (my sister...) and "what color was your mothers '99 subaru?"

I answered to get my damn money, but I must say, it was more than a little unsettling that they were able to in under 10 seconds find out pretty detailed information about not just me but family members, especially those who have no online presence.

I'm canceling my service, and am looking into having our lawyers "encourage" them to delete my personal data as well.

Just bad to worse, ebay/paypal...

I don't believe eBay calls anyone. I think you have been scammed. You better take measures to protect yourself.
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Posted: 20 months ago
Scanning your DL serves as a way to identify a seller during sign in, serving as a good measure to prevent scams.

The magnetic strip of your DL simply contains all the information already printed in the front.

In some liquor stores, the clerk asks you for your license, and swipes it on the card reader of their register, and it will tell the clerk whether or not you are authorized to buy liquor based on your D.O.B. stored on the magnetic strip
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Posted: 20 months ago

You believe wrong. They do. And scam was my first thought too, but then try logging into your account, and find you dont even have access without going through their investigations interface. Only after complying with their every demand and emailing and calling and arguing through hours of their investigators BS on why they have to put an indefinite rolling hold on your $10,000, do you even gain access to your account to see that they've done it. And only when you start spending money on letters drafted by attorneys do you get them to back off and hand over your funds. I could go on, but this threads dead.

Two crap companies that just keep getting worse every year. Thankfully they're both under investigation themselves for shady billing practices and what in some cases amounts to racketeering.

Very interesting. Thank you for the info.
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