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Details on Jony Ive's 'Very, Very Flat' Design for iOS 7

jonathan_iveEchoing recent reports about a redesigned 'flatter' user interface in iOS 7, 9to5Mac says the next version of the operating system will lose "all signs of gloss, shine and skeuomorphism".

Jony Ive took charge of all Apple's user interface teams last October following a management shakeup.
While the look of the updated system may be surprising to some, iOS 7 is reportedly not more difficult to use than earlier versions of software platform. There is apparently no new learning curve in the same way there was no learning curve when the iPods went color. While iOS 7 does look different, its core apps and system fundamentals (like the Lock and Home screens) mostly operate in a similar fashion to how they do today.

iOS 7 is codenamed “Innsbruck,” according to three people familiar with the OS. The interface changes include an all-new icon set for Apple’s native apps in addition to newly designed tool bars, tab bars, and other fundamental interface features across the system.
9to5Mac says Apple's engineers are looking to add more at-a-glance information to iOS, while keeping the system easy to use for less tech-savvy customers. The article notes that Apple has looked at ideas to implement new panels with swipes from the left and the right of the screen, much like how the Notification Center currently drops from above.

Apple's industrial design is the face of the company for many customers and with Ive heading up both the software and hardware teams, there could be a closer connection between the devices themselves and what users actually see on the screen going forward.

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18 months ago

Like Windows 8 then?

No. Like OS X.

Note how candy-coated, colorful, reflective, and bubbly OS X once was. Note how it's much flatter now.
Rating: 84 Votes
18 months ago
I like the gloss and shine :(
Rating: 75 Votes
18 months ago
If the WWDC 13' logo is any indication of the new design, then I'm in.
Rating: 64 Votes
18 months ago

IMO: I still think Scott Fortstall moved over to the Watch team.
Rating: 62 Votes
18 months ago
Like Windows 8 then?
Rating: 57 Votes
18 months ago
Let's hope it doesn't fall flat with iOS users.

ba da dum!

But really, I just want it to function well.
Rating: 57 Votes
18 months ago
New podcast app has a "flat" design..

Rating: 51 Votes
18 months ago

Wow, it looks beautiful! I'm looking forward to the release of iOS 7 already.

What looks beautiful? Are there some leaked screenshots of iOS 7 I missed in the links?
Rating: 49 Votes
18 months ago
Hopefully it doesn't look less refined. Minimalism looks good in real life, but it can be difficult to translate onto a screen without looking dull.
Rating: 42 Votes
18 months ago

Like Windows 8 then?

flat design ≠ windows 8
Rating: 37 Votes

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