Samsung Releases New Galaxy S III Ad Poking Fun at iPhone 5 Launch

Wednesday September 19, 2012 11:13 AM PDT by Eric Slivka
As noted by The Tech Block, Samsung has released its latest smartphone commercial taking aim at the iPhone, this time promoting its flagship Galaxy S III by parodying Apple fans waiting in line for the iPhone 5.

The 90-second ad highlights several Galaxy S III features including S Beam file transfers accomplished by bumping phones together and the larger display. The ad parodies Apple fans' interest in the iPhone 5's relocated headphone jack and new Lightning connector, while also portraying the phone as uncool by showing one Galaxy S III user saving a place in the iPhone line for his parents.

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Posted: 29 months ago
I'd watch the ad but I'm busy downloading iOS 6, the latest version of the iPhone operating system onto my 3GS, a three and a half year old phone. I wonder what version of android the Samsung will be on in 2016?
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Posted: 29 months ago
Bitter, party of one, your table is now ready in the misery section.

And havent we been "bumping" for quite some time now? How the F is this new and cool?!
Rating: 30 Votes
Posted: 29 months ago
Laughing at your potential customers isn't a good way to attact them.
Rating: 23 Votes
Posted: 29 months ago
Samsung is right on this one.

(I bet you wish the downvote was still here)
Rating: 22 Votes
Posted: 29 months ago
Samsung is like that friend who tells the same joke over and over. Not funny anymore and very stale and uncreative.
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Posted: 29 months ago
Rating: 18 Votes
Posted: 29 months ago
Galaxy S3: 20 million units in 100 days.

iPhone 5: 2 million pre-ordered units in 24 hours

Yeah...the S3 is REALLY a much better phone! :rolleyes:
Rating: 14 Votes
Posted: 29 months ago
Yeah, sure, go ahead and insult the people that have the money you want in your wallet. That'll get you far.

Seriously, because of these commercials, whenever I see someone with a GS3, I don't think "Wow, gee willikers! I wish I had THAT phone!"
It's more like "Get a load of this douche with the God complex..."

And as Caliber26 stated, we've been 'bumping' for a while now. And by 'we' I mean a whole 12 people.
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Posted: 29 months ago
"Oh my God, you can transfer playlists just by touching phones?"

Weird ... I saw an Android user who said: "Oh my God, you can download apps without frantically praying it's not malware?"
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Posted: 29 months ago
Samsung's rage continues.
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