Apple Offers Minor Processor Bump to Mac Pro Line, No Thunderbolt

Monday June 11, 2012 1:27 PM PDT by Jordan Golson
Apple has quietly upgraded the Mac Pro with minor processor bumps and an increase in the standard RAM to 6GB in the least expensive configuration. The update does not include the much-anticipated addition of the Thunderbolt I/O system.

Reports The Verge:
Unfortunately, it's not much of an upgrade: you can simply get a pair of six-core 3.06GHz Intel Xeon X5675 processors rather than 2.93GHz ones we just mentioned. The base model will start at $2,499 for a single quad-core Intel Xeon W3565 processor at 3.2GHz, with an optional upgrade to a six-core chip, you can spend $3,799 to get a dual-processor configuration with a pair of the Westmere-EP based 2.4GHz E5645 chips, and upgrade to the aforementioned X5675 for an unspecified amount. Everything else stays the same, it seems.

The new Mac Pro's are now available on the Apple Online Store.

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32 months ago
Stunned. Apple, if you're going to discontinue the Mac Pro, just do it. Don't piss on our shoes and tell us it's rain.
Rating: 54 Votes
32 months ago

Updated, change Buyer's Guide ( BUY NOW.

No, I'm pretty sure "Don't buy" still applies.

Rating: 50 Votes
32 months ago
Not even Thunderbolt. Speaks volumes of how much attention Apple pays to the pro market.
Rating: 40 Votes
32 months ago
This is a joke. A cruel joke.
Rating: 38 Votes
32 months ago
This feels like a slap in the face ...
Rating: 31 Votes
32 months ago
Do you know what, that minor processor bump is actually more of a slap in the face than just dropping the product entirely. If they are working on a brand new model, i wish they'd just say something. Jesus. This secrecy ********* works for some products, but not for the Mac Pro.
Rating: 26 Votes
32 months ago
This means one of two things. Apple is going to discontinue them in the future. Or they are working on a major redesign that just wasn't ready yet. Hopefully it's the latter.
Rating: 25 Votes
32 months ago
Hackint0sh here I come.

What a huge slap in the face. I have the urge to beat Tim Cook about the head with the Radeon 5770 that comes with the "new" Mac Pro.

F OFF,:apple:

Rating: 25 Votes
32 months ago
Looks like my next Mac desktop will be a hackintosh.
Rating: 24 Votes
32 months ago
Wait, so first Apple goes ahead and releases a technology that is well and truly overkill for the vast majority of consumers and only really appropriate for professionals (who can justify the prices), and then they don't actually include it in the Mac Pro?

Nice going, Apple.
Rating: 23 Votes

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