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Apple Store Employees Made This Music Video to Teach Customer Service Skills [Updated]

This video was produced by the staff of an Apple Retail Store as an entertaining way to teach Apple's customer service strategy. That strategy, based on one from the Ritz Carlton hotel -- widely acknowledged as the gold standard in customer service -- allows Apple Retail Store employees to assist customers without pressuring them to buy.

As Apple products generally sell themselves, the theory is that employees merely need to present the proper solutions to the customer based on their needs. Uncovering those needs is key to completing the sale and creating satisfied customers or "promoters" in Apple Store parlance.

The Apple Steps of Service, as taught during Core Training, which every new hire at Apple goes through:
A - Approach the customer with a "warm welcome"
P - Position, Permission, Probe -- Tell the customer what you want to do, ask permission, and then ask them questions to determine their needs.
P - Present the appropriate product solution that fits their needs.
L - Listen to their concerns.
E - End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.
There are also the three A's -- three steps used with the "L" above to help alleviate customer concerns.
A - Acknowledge that their concerns are valid.
A - Align with the customer, agreeing that you would feel the same were you in their shoes.
A - Assure the customer that you will be able to solve their problem to their satisfaction.
The video, which was well-received by employees at an all-hands store meeting, was posted by former Apple employee Kyle Sisson as part of his editing portfolio. It is a brief look into the back of house, where much of the video was filmed, an unusual occurrence at the intensely private Apple Store.

Update: The video has been removed.

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46 months ago
One good thing that came out of the video is we now know what the back room looks like, as it was previously unseen by all of us Apple fans.:rolleyes:
Rating: 13 Votes
46 months ago
This makes me want to order online even more
Rating: 12 Votes
46 months ago
This was a personal project from a former employee. Not really an official Apple project so I don't think the outcry is warranted. it was obviously created in humor to get the steps across.

However, the video clearly shows the BOH which is off limits to non-Apple folks.

Overall, it was obviously fun for them so what does it matter what anyone thinks about it. If you like it great, if don't great. makes no difference either way.

this is the type of corny 'project' you would expect from a best buy or the like. not apple.

really embarrassing to watch even a few seconds of that.

Rating: 8 Votes
46 months ago

This is terrible, get back to your minimum wage unskilled job.

Really? Making fun of others' jobs and income makes you feel like more of a man. I can only assume you are a complete loser and/or a horribly inadequate lay.
Rating: 8 Votes
46 months ago
Entertaining, maybe. Steve wouldn't have allowed this to get out. Anything that looks like a joke or involves culture that can be dated would be cut from existence with a hawk's eye. Tough for me to say because I'm a musician and don't think it's bad, just seemingly not Apple at it's core.
Rating: 7 Votes
46 months ago
I have noticed the 3 A's employed in the Apple stores I go to.

But I have felt pressured to buy and did not at those times (in store, on the phone and especially in the online Apple store live chat sessions).

Yeah, rap isn't really my thing but at least they are trying to make it fun.
Rating: 6 Votes
46 months ago

Rock on dude rock on! Could not stop watching... good job on getting all those people to work on it. :apple::cool:

you mean rap on
Rating: 6 Votes
46 months ago

I wonder if this was made after or before the passing of Steve.

Something tells me after...

Considering that it was posted on Vimeo three months ago ( and only discovered now, something tells me it was made before.
Rating: 6 Votes
46 months ago
Wow, no offence to anyone working at an Apple store but it's just a retail job.
Rating: 6 Votes
46 months ago

This is terrible, get back to your minimum wage unskilled job. This is terrible, get back to your minimum wage unskilled job.
The HTC Sensation really puts the already outdated iphone 4s to shame.

Too bad it only took HTC to release over 20 different models in the past 4 years to compete with 5 different iPhones. :apple:
Rating: 6 Votes

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