Apple Releases Migration Assistant Update for OS X Lion Transition

Tuesday July 19, 2011 3:00 PM PDT by Jordan Golson

Further hinting at an imminent release of OS X Lion, Apple today released an update to Migration Assistant for users of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The update corrects a problem that could prevent users from transferring data from a machine running Snow Leopard to a new one running Lion.
This update addresses an issue with the Migration Assistant application in Mac OS X Snow Leopard that prevents transfer of your personal data, settings, and compatible applications from a Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard to a new Mac running Mac OS X Lion.
The upgrade is rather small, only clocking in at 312KB and doesn't require a restart.

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44 months ago
This has NOTHING to do with users installing 10.7 as an upgrade to 10.6. Do you guys know how to read? It's for people who have a machine running 10.6 and buy a new machine that ships with 10.7 and want to use the Migration Assistant program.
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44 months ago
Now update iWork! :)
Rating: 4 Votes
44 months ago

Just announced on the conference call!
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44 months ago
No restart? Damn Apple sucks.

I'll be doing a clean install of Lion but might as well get the update.
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44 months ago
It's better to do all your pending Software Updates today rather than tomorrow!
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44 months ago
For those that have Lion already, this is moot...;)
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