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Apple to Patch Latest Jailbreak Hole in Upcoming Software Update

Earlier this week, the browser-based solution went live once again, bringing a simple new method to jailbreak a number of iOS devices including the iPad 2. The tool has proven popular, with over one million users already having taken advantage of it.

Similar to earlier browser-based jailbreak mechanisms, the latest version takes advantage of a flaw in the way Safari handles PDF files, a vulnerability that could also be exploited by malicious parties. Consequently, it had been expected that Apple would move relatively quickly to patch the hole once it was revealed by the jailbreak procedure.

According to the Associated Press, Apple has indeed confirmed that it will be patching the hole in a future software update, but declined to provide a timeframe for the release of the update.
Apple Inc. spokeswoman Bethan Lloyd said Thursday the company is "aware of this reported issue and developing a fix that will be available to customers in an upcoming software update."

She declined to specify when the update would be available.
Apple's statement comes after Germany's information technology security agency issued an explicit warning about the "critical weaknesses" in iOS that could result in malware being deployed through infected PDF files.

Fully aware of the potential implications of malware authors exploiting the hole, the jailbreak community has already developed a fix for the issue, which was released into the Cydia Store for jailbroken devices alongside the new technique. Users who have jailbroken their devices, even through the new technique, can thus patch the vulnerability, while non-jailbroken devices will have to wait for Apple's solution to be released.

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36 months ago
i'm going to go the apple store and JB every ipad and iphone i see
Rating: 12 Positives
36 months ago
Get ready for the endless "Oops I updated to 4.3.4" threads.
Rating: 12 Positives
36 months ago
Jailbroke my iPad 2 today, worked too damn well... then I looked around in Cydia and couldn't find anything I wanted that wasn't already coming for free in iOS 5... Guess I'll wait for 4.3.4 to get rid of the jailbreak and Cydia...
Rating: 10 Positives
36 months ago
My jailbreak lasted a day, didn't see the point to be honest, from the fuss over it.
Rating: 9 Positives
36 months ago

I love how apple calls this a "fix"

You do understand that jailbreaks work because they take advantage of a security vulnerability SO HUGE that they can actually rewrite parts of the device operating system, install entire apps that sidestep the normal install process, hack all kinds of system settings...

You don't consider that the tiniest bit dangerous? You'd rather Apple just leave it out there? Surely nobody would ever exploit such a vulnerability for evil, because hackers are all looking out for our best interests, right?
Rating: 7 Positives
36 months ago
I'm all for jailbreakers and jailbreaking. Done it myself a few times.

Does this not put people who choose to not jailbreak into a potential security risk until Apple patches the now exposed security hole? Malicious code writers are now aware of a hole that millions of iOS devices have and the users are powerless to close it unless they choose to jailbreak and install the patch from Cydia.

Just sayin'
Rating: 7 Positives
36 months ago
This is getting a bit silly.
Apple should just release their own jailbreak option for iOS.
-Choose to jailbreak and you are on your own & good luck to you. Stick with Apple's oversight and they will cover you. Your choice.
Rating: 7 Positives
36 months ago

Apple can work fast when patching stupid JB holes, but we're still stuck with buggy-as-hell beta 2 for iOS 5 after a month.

Where the hell is beta 3, Apple?????

No beta 3 yet for ios 5?

This is it! I am leaving Apple for good.

Where would we all be if Apple released things on their schedule.
This is an outrage. How dare they!

In case you were serious:

May I suggest you contact Apple and PLEASE let them know that your time schedule is of the utmost importance and urgency?
Rating: 6 Positives
36 months ago
They will only bring out a new Jailbreak.
Rating: 5 Positives
36 months ago
I've always found it amusing how people get all defensive about how super-secure Apple iOS products are -- the same people who get super-excited about jailbreaking their devices, and who get upset when Apple fixes the vulnerability and disables the jailbreak. Yes, let's take advantage of a gaping security flaw, and boo on Apple for fixing it!

Edit: Case in point, the post right below me... what, you don't want this gaping security flaw fixed?
Rating: 5 Positives

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