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Safari-Based Jailbreak Tool Returns with iPad 2 Support

The website has returned to offer an entirely browser-based jailbreak tool for iOS devices including (for the first time) the iPad 2.

Jailbreaking is a process by which Apple's iOS devices can be opened up to allow for installation of non-Apple-approved applications, customizations and file access. Apple officially disapproves of jailbreaking and has even warned users that these unauthorized modifications can cause "instability, disruption of services, and compromised security." Still, a large and active jailbreak community has emerged over the years since the iPhone's introduction.

A Dev-Team blog post outlines the supported configurations for JailbreakMe:
- iPad1: 4.3 through 4.3.3
- iPad2: 4.3.3
- iPhoneGS: 4.3 through 4.3.3
- iPhone4: 4.3 through 4.3.3
- iPhone4-CDMA: 4.2.6 through 4.2.8
- iPod touch 3g: 4.3, 4.3.2, 4.3.3
- iPod touch 4g: 4.3 through 4.3.3
The JailbreakMe site is unique in that it allows users to jailbreak their devices entirely using the Safari browser and without downloading any additional software. The site itself also offers a Frequently Asked Questions page that reassures users that the jailbreaking process is fully reversible with a simple restore and that there is no risk for any permanent damage. Still, we'd recommend users proceed with caution. The installation process involves simply visiting JailbreakMe from a supported iOS device and tapping "Free/Install" button to initiate the jailbreak.

The browser-based jailbreak process again exploits a flaw in Apple's PDF renderer that allows the tool to open up the device. Just like the previous vulnerability, Apple is expected to patch this one shortly. This same vulnerability could be exploited by malicious parties as well. The programmers of JailbreakMe are also providing a patch to close the security hole behind them for jailbroken users. Users of non-jailbroken iOS devices, however, will have to wait until Apple provides a fix.

More information and answers can be found in our respective "Hacks" forums for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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105 months ago
I remember last time was active, dudes started jailbreaking iphones on display at the apple store.
Rating: 12 Votes
105 months ago
PDF is a security hellhole.
Rating: 8 Votes
105 months ago

I'm no expert in jailbreaking, but doesn't it slow down your device?

Just asking 'cause I've an iPhone 3GS.

It's not the jailbreaking that slows your phone down, its all the background process that some idiots install. Some tweaks do it too, as well as springboard replacements (pogoplank)
Rating: 8 Votes
105 months ago
Takes me back to the days of iOS 1.x.x, fond memories.

Apple will not like this as it is a genuine security risk. This will be fixed much more quickly than the other tethered types of jailbreak.
Rating: 7 Votes
105 months ago

PDF is a security hellhole.

No it isn't. It's a document format. Apple's implementation of the PDF viewer apparently sucks, though. AFAIK there are also problems in on OS X but at least you can't get root access from there.
Rating: 6 Votes
105 months ago

Jailbreaker/Homebrewers are free to not buy these locked down products, there are open alternatives (Android/Desktop PC) out there for them to use.

Actually, we are free to do whatever we want with our own fully purchased phones. Too bad for you we live in a free world, your orwellian dream truly scares me.
Rating: 5 Votes
105 months ago

Yes, but does it allow for unlocking of an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.3?

No. An unlock is not available for baseband 4.10.01. Only baseband 1.59.00 (iOS 4.0.x) is unlockable.
Rating: 5 Votes
105 months ago

Shouldn't we blame Adobe... didn't they create or adapt PDF technology? And you guys want Flash. That too is riddled with security holes, that's hell in a handbasket right there.

Adobe didn't write the PDF support in iOS, Apple did. Why would we blame Adobe ? The security flaw is not the specification for the PDF format, it's in Apple's implementation of that specification.

Please people, try to at least understand stuff beyond vendor names before you try to set blame on someone.

I don't know why people rejoice that a remote website can modify the core operating system on their phones. That to me just sounds really, really wrong.
Rating: 5 Votes
105 months ago

I can't believe what a bunch of slackers the folks at Cydia are. They don't support iOS 4.3.3 on the Verizon iPhone? They'd really better step up their game or they'll...
What's that? You're kidding me, still?!

WoW you must have nuts the size of bowling balls to say something like that. How much time have YOU put into Cydia? How much of your day has been taken up with trying to make sure cydia runs on what ever hardware/software out there? What? How much? Yeah thats what I thought. How about you be thankful that cydia is free and will eventually be available for your device.

Some people's misplaced sense of entitlement makes me want to kick them in the junk.

I hope Apple patches this soon.
If the PDF vulnerability can be used to root and given the attackers free rein over the OS, then it can be used to install malware.
Jailbreakers will not be happy, but I don't expect, nor want, Apple to sacrifice the security of millions of phones just so a handful jailbreakers can practice their little hobby.
I view the hacking of the PS3 the same way.
Jailbreaker/Homebrewers are free to not buy these locked down products, there are open alternatives (Android/Desktop PC) out there for them to use.

You have to download a PDF, so if YOU infect your phone that's on you.
Rating: 4 Votes
105 months ago

DMCA Takedown notice in

hello in jail!!

Jailbreaking is legal.
Rating: 4 Votes

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