EA to Purchase Firemint, Developer of 'Flight Control' and 'Real Racing'

Tuesday May 3, 2011 9:46 AM PDT by Eric Slivka

Electronic Arts today announced that it has agreed to purchase Australian iOS gaming firm Firemint, the developers behind the popular Flight Control and Real Racing games.

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced an agreement to acquire Firemint Pty Ltd., the leading independent mobile development studio. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Firemint brings a proven powerhouse of creative talent to EAi, with original hits Flight Control and Real Racing for iPhone and iPad, and an attractive future slate of games. The deal is not material to EA overall and is expected to close within four weeks. Financial details are not disclosed.

Flight Control and Real Racing were two relatively early hits on the App Store, and Firemint has continued to push forward with iPad versions and sequels of the popular apps. Firemint was also one of the first iOS firms to commit to bringing an iOS application to the Mac App Store.

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Posted: 47 months ago
wow, that sucks. EA is an ass of a company, I can't stand them. It makes me so pissed that they have started charging, let alone even think they are entitled too do so, to play online for 2nd hand console games. It's a total crap whole that they can get away with it. And yes, I have stopped purchasing their products.
Rating: 3 Votes
Posted: 47 months ago
Yep, goes into sell-but-not-support land...
Rating: 2 Votes
Posted: 47 months ago
So much for Firemint's quality. :(

EA games are crash-tastic, even months after release. They just abandon them instead of fix them. See Command & Conquer on iOS--could have been great...if you could play for longer than 2 minutes without it crashing.
Rating: 2 Votes
Posted: 47 months ago
Crap. There goes Real Racing. I really liked that series of games.
Rating: 1 Votes

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