Apple Suggests Solution for 'Ghost Touch' Issue on Apple Watch Series 7 and Later

The touch-related bug that was known to be impacting the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 also affects the Apple Watch Series 7, Series 8, and Ultra 1, Apple said in a memo shared with Apple Authorized Service Providers.

apple watch series 8 green
Service providers have been told not to replace watches for the ghost touch problem, instead instructing customers to fix the issue through a force restart. A force restart can be initiated by simultaneously holding down the side button and the Digital Crown for 10 seconds. AASPs have also been asked to make sure affected Apple Watches are running the latest version of watchOS.

Apple first began looking into the touch-related problem affecting some Apple Watch models in February. At the time, it was a bug that had been seen on the Series 9 and the Ultra 2. Apple Watch owners were experiencing "false" or "ghost" touches on the display, which could cause the screen to "jump erratically" or exhibit unexpected behavior without user interaction.

A fix for the ghost touch issue was added in watchOS 10.4, so presumably that version of the software addresses the issue on all impacted models. If not, the wording of Apple's memo suggests a further fix will be coming in the near future.

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7thson Avatar
5 weeks ago
2.5 years later and the ”fix” is imminent. Glad I stuck with my S6. Good grief…
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Apple.Fanatic Avatar
5 weeks ago
Apple needs to hire the Ghostbusters! ;)
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TimHalfCooked Avatar
5 weeks ago
i love my watch, it lives life by its own rules. sometimes it will play a sound randomly, sometimes it will turn the 'torch' on and off like a disco. it has its own personality not conforming to the norms of basic technology. it's the tesla wipers of the apple world

utter ****.
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PixelsMaster Avatar
5 weeks ago
This had happened multiple times on my Apple Watch Ultra 2. Haven’t had it happen again since 10.4.
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7thson Avatar
5 weeks ago

Did you read the article?
1. started with Watch Series 9 and the update affected others.
2. it appears fixed with a restart.

Here we go. People whining for the sake of it. And go…

Did you read the article?
1. started with Watch Series 9 and the update affected others.
2. it appears fixed with a restart.

Here we go. People whining for the sake of it. And go…
“also affects the Apple Watch Series 7, Series 8, and Ultra 1, Apple said in a memo ('') shared with Apple Authorized Service Providers”
I did read the article. Here we go with the apologists
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Kevin2055 Avatar
5 weeks ago
anybody who has experience with electronics knows reboot will solve 99% problems
Score: 5 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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