Proton Drive Encrypted Cloud Storage App Now Available for Mac

Swiss-based privacy startup Proton today announced the availability of its end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service for Mac users with the launch of its macOS app.

macos proton drive
Proton Drive lets users sync files between Mac and the cloud, access files offline, and free up space on local drives. Unlike iCloud, all data (including metadata) is end-to-end encrypted by default, so that no-one – not even Proton – can see the files.

Files in Proton Drive are synced on-demand, meaning they don't take up space on the local computer until they are needed. Meanwhile, files and folders saved in the Proton Drive folder automatically sync online to Proton Drive, and any changes made locally are mirrored across all other devices linked to the Proton account.

When files and folders are downloaded for offline access, Proton Drive syncs changes when an internet connection next becomes available. Users can also access and restore previous versions of files via the web interface. It's worth noting that only files stored in the Proton Drive folder are synced, but Proton says it is working to enable synchronization for any local folder.

Additional Proton Drive options can be found in the app's menu bar item, including one-click sync pausing, sync status, quick access to Proton Drive, and service support.

macos proton drive window
Web access to Proton Drive arrived last September, followed by native mobile apps in December and a Windows app in July. The arrival of the Mac app means Proton Drive is now available on all major platforms.

Proton Drive offers users 1GB of storage for free, with additional paid plans available starting at $4/month for 200GB of storage, including additional features such as the ability to automatically store previous versions of a file for up to 10 years. Black Friday deals are currently available on the company's website.

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Top Rated Comments

5232152 Avatar
8 months ago

I don't call $48 a year for 200GB a fantastic deal.

Edited to add: I can upgrade my Sync account to 2TB for $8 / month and it is end to end. Sync is a much better option outside of Apple.
Why are you comparing on size?
Proton is a double layered encrypted that is all physically stored in Switzerland away from any curious government and has no legal compliances to live up to outside the jurisdiction. They have a level of security that nobody in this world can give you. Especially not Apple, Dropbox, or Google who (of course) are under governmental oversight.
Score: 12 Votes (Like | Disagree)
cmcnick Avatar
8 months ago
Maybe I'm a fool, but I trust Apple with my Mac data and files more than I do a third party. Yes, I get I'm caught in the ecosystem, but every step taken outside of it is at the user's own risk.
Score: 11 Votes (Like | Disagree)
xpxp2002 Avatar
8 months ago
My understanding is that iCloud Drive (except shared files under some circumstances) becomes E2EE when Advanced Data Protection is turned on.
Score: 9 Votes (Like | Disagree)
thefarang Avatar
8 months ago

It's a fantastic deal if you care about top level security and privacy.
It’s a fantastic deal if you think you care about top level security.


First off, putting all of your eggs in one security basket like this is a horrible idea.

VPN, Cloud Storage, Email, Calendar, Password Manager, etc all tied to one company? Nah.

Plus, the way they lie about email security is really disgusting.

Email is not a secure protocol. It wasn’t meant to be. It likely never will be.

Pretending that because your inbox is encrypted means your communications are private is blatantly false because at least one other copy of that email exists, likely unencrypted, in the recipient’s or sender’s email.

It’s like when Paul Manafort got busted for messages he sent via WhatsApp. Everyone was like, “Did the NSA just break WhatsApp encryption?” Nope, the DOJ asked the people he sent the messages to for access to the messages and they gave it to them.

You can just as easily get an email account with Mailbox/org or Disroot or plenty of other paid (usually for half or less tha Proton’s fees) options and the only part you’re missing from Proton is the encrypted inbox.

Proton is quickly becoming exactly what many people are coming to them to get away from.

Also, their products are laughably poor. How long has it been since they announced their encrypted cloud storage with no desktop clients forcing people to upload files via a web interface? LOL.

They launched this product in Sep 2022. It took them over a year to put out a Mac client. It’s not like their timeline for Windows was much better.

They keep releasing new products like their password manager while gaping functionality holes exist in their core products like email and calendar.

It’s comically sad to read the Proton message boards full of Proton fanboys and wannabe 007’s beg for basic calendar features or sorting features in the email client while Proton keeps bundling a bunch of their third-tier products together and forcing people to pay way more than most people want to pay for products they don’t want.

Probably their scummiest move was just before they did their big rebranding and new pricing scheme, they announced to users that they could lock in their old pricing if they renewed immediately.

Then they announced their new bundles and many people discovered that they upgraded to plans with way more stuff than they wanted only to find out that they could have stayed at the same price tier and got more.

I even called them out on this before they did it. I said they weren’t charging more because they’re already the most expensive and that this was all a FOMO ploy to get people to renew early so they could collect the cash.

Their rep swore up and down that the new deals wouldn’t be a bait and switch but that’s exactly what they were and a lot of people were angry at how they used FOMO to trick people.

Proton’s management is no better than Google’s in terms of lack of transparency and manipulating their users.
Score: 9 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Apple_Robert Avatar
8 months ago
The "deal" appears to bundled into an "all-in-one" services option. I don't see a way to get just the drive pricing by itself past the 200GB offering which is really overpriced. This is not a good deal. I will keep with iCloud.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
thefarang Avatar
8 months ago

Prediction: In 10 years or less, probably much less, advances in artificial intelligence and supercomputing will bring to state-sponsored hacker's computer a means to break every encryption method in use today. There is no secret code that can't be broken.
So you're saying the lifetime plan is a bad deal? LOL
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)