Apple Releases Safari 17 With Profiles, Locked Private Browsing Windows and More

Apple today released Safari 17, the newest version of the Safari browser. Safari 17 can be downloaded on macOS Monterey and macOS Ventura, and it brings some of the macOS Sonoma features to older operating systems.

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Safari 17 introduces support for Profiles, so browsing can be separated into topics like work and personal, plus it adds enhanced private browsing functionality that locks the private browser when it is not in use.

Apple says that search has been improved to provide more relevant results, and multiple tabs can be selected to add them to the tab bar or a Tab Group. Apple's full release notes for the update are below:

Safari 17 introduces new features, even faster performance, and improved security.

- Profiles keep your browsing separate for topics like work and personal, separating your history, cookies, extensions, Tab Groups, and Favorites
- Enhanced Private Browsing locks your private browsing windows when you're not using them, blocks known trackers from loading, and removes identifying tracking from URLs
- Streamlined search offers more relevant, faster, and easier-to-read results
- Multiple tab selection allows you to select multiple tabs at once and move them around the tab bar or create a Tab Group

Some features may not be available for all regions, or on all Apple devices.

Safari can be downloaded from the System Settings menu on macOS Ventura or in System Preferences on macOS Monterey.

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bwintx Avatar
7 months ago
Also a reminder that, if you are getting Safari 17 with Sonoma, you get JXL (JPEG XL) support baked-in, as was the case with Safari on iOS/iPad last week. Won’t work on the Mac without Sonoma, however. (Oddly enough, the Safari-ish Orion browser somehow does it without Sonoma, as I found out by accident a few days ago.)
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MrGimper Avatar
7 months ago
So if this is possible, why do safari updates have to be “big news” in new macOS versions.

Just release new safari versions separately as and when. Why wait for a new OS version
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JamesMcFlyJR Avatar
7 months ago
Tbh Safari 17 is the only worthwhile update for me with macOS (and even then its a stretch, I'll update to it just for the performance updates).

macOS sonoma is so featureless that I have absolutely no reason to update to it at all. Which is crazy to me since I always update the minute a new OS comes out.

* Widgets on desktop? wont use that
* Video conferencing features? also nope. im fine with what I have right now with continuity camera + my iPhone
* New Screensavers? LOL
* I also think the new log in screen is a downgrade imo. not really a big deal but still
* Game mode? never game
* autocorrect improvements? dont use autocorrect since I have a physical keyboard on my macbook

Am I the only one?
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David1986H Avatar
7 months ago
I just updated to safari 17 on Ventura and the build number is 18616. is it only on Sonoma we get 19616.

Speedometer jumped up to 487 from 440 on safari 16.*

Not the 500+ points I was expecting looking at peoples posts earlier.

Maybe @Realityck knows this, he’s pretty good with version numbers etc.
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Sasparilla Avatar
7 months ago

Where can this be downloaded? When I look at Software Update, I only see Sonoma, no standalone download for Safari 17.
Says it at the bottom of the article, of course things like this show up after a bit of a delay for some people and not for others...but if you look at the Sonoma download details (Settings / Software Update) and then scroll (alot) to the bottom of that little window showing all the details for the OS update there's a little "Other Updates Available" item which doesn't look like a hot link but clicking it brings up the Safari update item for me (along with a 13.6 OS update for me). Not very obvious this was waiting...
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Populus Avatar
7 months ago
Having iOS 16 now on all my devices, I think it wouldn’t be a wise idea to update to Safari 17 in Monterey. I’ll stick with Safari 16.6.1
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