Shazam Now Supports Apple Music Classical

Shazam was updated today with support for Apple Music Classical on the iPhone, allowing the two apps to work together for classical music.

shazam for mac
Launched in March, the Apple Music Classical app offers over five million classical music tracks, and is included with an Apple Music subscription.

The release notes for version 15.33 of the Shazam app:

You can now open classical songs from Shazam in the Apple Music Classical app. Simply Shazam or search for a classical song, tap the menu icon on the track page and select "Open in Classical."

Apple acquired Shazam in 2018 for a reported $400 million and has since integrated the music identification service across its software platforms.

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hooptyuber Avatar
4 weeks ago
Apple Music Classical needs to start working with Macs. And it needs to be vastly improved for iPads.
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macsplusmacs Avatar
4 weeks ago
Nice. I am enjoying App Classical very much the —right decision to split it out from Apple Music.
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Spaceboi Scaphandre Avatar
4 weeks ago
It shocks me how there's so many people that don't know about Shazam and yet they always ask in Youtube comments what X song is in a video when I've hadn't needed to do that anymore since I can just use Shazam
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Anaxarxes Avatar
4 weeks ago

Shazam never works for me. Siri always identifies the song quickly. I just use Siri.
Siri Uses Shazam
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orbital~debris Avatar
4 weeks ago

Apple Music Classical needs to start working with Macs. And it needs to be vastly improved for iPads.
Absolutely agree. Had forgotten Apple Music Classical had launched already, as no presence on the Mac (and I've not yet found a space for the icon on my iPhone Home Screen, so it was languishing in App Library).
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lazyrighteye Avatar
4 weeks ago
Remember when. Siri search “what song is this?” yielded a notification style pop up with the name of the song and band and when you tapped it, it opened Music? Missed that one-touch efficiency.

While Siri search yields a pop up, tapping the pop up auto-launches Shazam instead of Music. It took several search & taps before I accidentally tapped the small, greyed out Music logo in the initial pop up. That, auto-launches Music. I’m surprised Apple has that hierarchy as the default instead of the other way around. Honestly: who wants to auto-launch Shazam?

Anyway… Bigger issues out there, for sure.
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