Future Apple Watch Update to Enable Pairing With Multiple Apple Devices Rather Than Just One iPhone, Claims Leaker

Apple is working on software updates that will make it possible for users to pair their Apple Watch with multiple Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac, according to a new rumor.

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Currently, an Apple Watch can be paired to one iPhone only, and though it is possible to pair multiple Apple Watch models to the same iPhone, Apple offers no facility for pairing or syncing Apple Watches to other devices in its ecosystem.

Once an Apple Watch is paired to an iPhone, it can be used in conjunction with an iPad logged into the same Apple ID to follow Apple Fitness+ workout routines on the iPad's screen. Also, Mac users can use their Apple Watch to unlock their computer, authenticate apps and view passwords, and authorize online Apple Pay transactions, but that is where the exceptions end.

These limitations could be set to change, however. According to the Twitter account holder @analyst941, Apple is planning changes to the pairing/syncing process that mean an Apple Watch will no longer be tied to a single iPhone, but will instead be able to sync across multiple iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

The leaker confesses that they do not know how this will be implemented, but iCloud syncing could be one possibility, similar to how AirPods work across devices. Whether this means that an iPhone will still be required for setting up an Apple Watch before it can sync with other Apple devices logged into the same iCloud account is unclear.

The leaker added that they do not know whether the change will come this year with watchOS 10, iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS 14, or if it will be held over until 2024.

The anonymous source behind today's rumor leaked accurate information about the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island before the device was announced last year. However, they do not have a long-term track record with rumors yet, so there is no guarantee the latest information they shared will prove to be accurate.

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CChrisG Avatar
6 weeks ago
Am I dreaming?
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orbital~debris Avatar
6 weeks ago
Would love to see Apple Watch pairing for iPad for the simple but incredibly cool & useful ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ feature.
This would mean you could get Face ID-like unlocking on an iPad with Touch ID.
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Reggaenald Avatar
6 weeks ago
Just about time. I only got an Apple Watch last year, but I was amazed how little handoff functionality it has. Especially with non iPhones…
I can somewhat control media playing on my iPhone, which is nice (when it works), but really, my iPhone is far more portable than my Mac. It would be tremendously more useful to control media playing on a Mac, which I mostly don’t carry in my pocket.
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cmChimera Avatar
6 weeks ago
I'm not really sure I trust this source, but the feature would be nice. On a general basis, if the app exists for iPhone, I want the same app on my Mac, so it would be nice to be able to use fitness/health/watch apps on my Mac.
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TallGuyGT Avatar
6 weeks ago
At some point it will be possible to setup an Apple Watch without an iPhone, though probably a little cumbersome due to typing on the small screen. I remember back when you were required to setup a new iPhone with a PC or Mac. And later the cheers from the crowd when Jobs announced that you'd be able to setup an iPhone on it's own.
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kiseong Avatar
6 weeks ago
Standalone Apple Watch might be happening?
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