iOS 16.4 Adds Order Tracking Widget, Lets You Share Order Information

The iOS 16.4 update that was released today fleshes out the built-in order tracking function that's available in the Wallet app for purchases made using Apple Pay.

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There's now a dedicated Home Screen widget for tracking orders placed with ‌Apple Pay‌, and an updated Apple support document clarifies that it is also possible to share order tracking options with others using the Share button.

Orders can be sent using Messages, email, and other apps, allowing you to share tracking with friends and family.

Apple added ‌Apple Pay‌ order tracking to the Wallet app with iOS 16, but it is limited to participating merchants.

iOS 16.4 is available as of today on all devices capable of running ‌iOS 16‌.

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alexandr Avatar
10 weeks ago
Finally. Also what about that savings account?)
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Fiona FTW Avatar
10 weeks ago
Seems kinda useless if you can't manually add non-ApplePay purchases. I prefer using ApplePay online but seems like it's stagnant w/ online retailers. And often retailers that do offer it only do so as "express checkout," so if you have to go to the regular check out -- say you want to apply a coupon code -- then the ApplePay option goes away and the choice becomes PayPal or credit card.
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Arek2217 Avatar
10 weeks ago
I don’t think I’ve ever seen any app / reseller using this feature. Where have you guys seen it? Shame that I can’t add manually packages here.
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Mr. Brightside Avatar
10 weeks ago
Hey everyone, I am a developer behind Parcel app and I am happy to provide some info about tracking in Wallet.

First of all, Apple is offering order tracking which is really different from package tracking. Generally, when tracking an order you move between ordered/preparing for dispatch/on the way/delivered statuses with no additional info (such as where you delivery currently is).

Tracking orders in Wallet depends on Shopify and some other merchant platforms. Technically when you place an online order in a store that is running Shopify, tracking should work automatically with Wallet.

My personal impression is that Shopify is using this partnership to get more people to use their own app. I have seen orders where instead of sharing actual tracking info (e.g. carrier name, tracking number) which Apple Wallet specs support, they just provide a link to their own app for tracking.

Again, I am probably biased and sharing only personal impressions but at this moment it looks like they (Shopify) don't have enough motivation to improve order tracking in Wallet.
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orbital~debris Avatar
10 weeks ago

Do any merchants support this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it anywhere. I still just use the Parcel app to track my packages.
Parcel app is very nice.

I would think the developer is maybe feeling a bit Sherlocky today…
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Antes Avatar
10 weeks ago
I’ve ordered from a variety of sites using Apple Pay + Card and not once was anything tracked ??‍♂️
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