Brave Browser's Firewall + VPN Service Expands to Desktop, Gains Cross-Platform Functionality

Alternative browser company Brave today announced that its Firewall + VPN service has expanded to the desktop, which means it is available for use on Macs and PCs in addition to iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

brave vpn
Brave has long offered a VPN service on the iPhone and iPad, but now it will be available cross-platform for Brave users. The Brave VPN subscription is priced at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, and with the new cross-platform functionality, it can be used on a total of five devices at once.

Brave's browser is designed to block ads and trackers for a more private browsing experience that prevents tracking across websites, but the Brave Firewall + VPN protects against trackers outside of the Brave browser as well. It blocks websites and apps from accessing IP address and location information, while the firewall portion of the service blocks trackers and "other online nuisances."

Brave VPN subscribers can activate the service on Mac by opening up the Brave browser, going to the Settings menu, and toggling on the VPN.

The desktop VPN option is rolling out to users in various regions over the next few days, and Brave says that users should check back "soon" if it is not already available today. ‌iPhone‌ and Android users can log into their accounts and link more mobile or desktop devices.

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MacFin Avatar
1 week ago
That's a pretty pricy VPN service. For the same price, you can easily get two years of regular VPN with most VPN service providers and have all of your data protected, not just the browser data.

NordVPN for example has the adblocking stuff included in their regular membership, so this surely does sound like a very poor value proposition.
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Mrkevinfinnerty Avatar
1 week ago

Sure — with convenient direct withdrawal from your Signature Bank account.

Not me, got all my crypto out in the Bahamas

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BenGoren Avatar
1 week ago

Dollars? can i pay in ETH?
Sure — with convenient direct withdrawal from your Signature Bank account.

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RalfTheDog Avatar
1 week ago
The fact that they were into the Web 3 garbage makes me want to trust them just as far as they can throw an aircraft carrier that is stuck in concrete.
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theoldcoot Avatar
1 week ago
There are so many VPN services competing for the same buck that it comes down to what are the best ones. There are usually articles that are written by individuals that are paid by VPN service providers to tout theirs as the best and I have been running the same one for the past three years after trying out two over the course of a year and finding the one I am using was far superior to the runner up and they just released an other update today and I am happy with it. I am not going to give them a plug here since it is up the individual that ultimately decides what they like and can afford, but I do suggest that the find one that doesn't keep logs and are based off shore from the US.
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Mrkevinfinnerty Avatar
1 week ago
Dollars? can i pay in ETH?
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