Apple Music Classical Launch Could Be Approaching Based on Code in iOS 16.4 Beta 2

The Apple Music Classical app that Apple first announced when it acquired classical music service Primephonic could potentially be launching in the near future according to additional mentions of "‌Apple Music‌ Classical" found in the iOS 16.4 beta.

apple music
Code in the beta suggests that listening to ‌Apple Music‌ Classical will require users to have the standard ‌Apple Music‌ app installed. "To listen in ‌Apple Music‌ Classical, you'll need to install ‌Apple Music‌," reads a line in the MusicKit framework.

As of right now, there is no sign of an ‌Apple Music‌ Classical app in iOS 16.4, but that doesn't mean that it won't come in a later beta or with the iOS 16.4 launch.

Apple initially said in 2021 that ‌Apple Music‌ Classical would be introduced "next year," aka, 2022, but that did not happen. There was no 2022 launch of the new classical music experience, and Apple has provided no updates on when we might expect to see the new app.

Apple promised that ‌Apple Music‌ Classical would be a dedicated classical music app that is separate from ‌Apple Music‌, but this makes it clear that the ‌Apple Music‌ Classical app will also require ‌Apple Music‌ to be installed.

This is not the first time that we've seen references to ‌Apple Music‌ Classical in an iOS 16 update. iOS 16.3, for example, added "Open in ‌Apple Music‌ Classical" wording to the code, and there have also been mentions of the feature in backend code on Apple's site.

It is unclear why Apple has taken so long to introduce an ‌Apple Music‌ Classical app, and though we continue to see signs of it, it still remains a mystery as to whether it will come in iOS 16.4, a later iOS 16 update, or iOS 17.

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Realityck Avatar
10 months ago

The same reason why it's taken them so long to release a Country Music App. Or a Reggae App. Or a Beyonce Music App. Or a Kenya West App. Or a Barry Manilow Greatest Hits App. There is zero reason for each music category to have its own app.
[HEADING=2]List of classical music genres[/HEADING]

* Ballade ('')
* Ballata ('')
* Canso ('')
* Conductus ('')
* Estampie ('')
* Geisslerlied ('')
* Gregorian Chant ('')
* Lai (poetic form) ('')
* Lauda (song) ('')
* Madrigal (Trecento) ('')
* Motet ('')
* Organum ('')
* Planctus ('')
* Saltarello ('')


* Ballade ('')
* Canzona ('')
* Carol ('')
* Chanson ('')
* Fantasia ('')

* Chromatic fantasia ('')

* Galliard ('')
* Intermedio ('')
* Lauda ('')
* Litany ('')
* Madrigal ('')
* Madrigal comedy ('')
* Madrigale spirituale ('')
* Mass ('')

* Cyclic mass ('')
* Parody mass ('')
* Paraphrase mass ('')
* Cantus firmus mass ('')

* Motet ('')
* Motet-chanson ('')
* Opera ('')
* Pavane ('')
* Ricercar ('')
* Sequence ('')
* Tiento ('')
* Toccata ('')


* Allemande ('')
* Bourrée ('')
* Canary ('')
* Canon ('')
* Cantata ('')
* Chaconne ('')
* Concerto ('')

* Concerto grosso ('')
* Solo concerto ('')

* Courante ('')
* Fugue ('')
* Galliard ('')
* Gavotte ('')
* Gigue ('')
* Loure ('')
* Mass ('')
* Minuet ('')
* Opera ('')

* Opera buffa ('')
* Opera seria ('')

* Oratorio ('')
* Partita ('')
* Passacaglia ('')
* Passepied ('')
* Pastorale ('')
* Prelude ('')
* Rigaudon ('')
* Sarabande ('')
* Sinfonia ('')
* Sonata ('')

* Flute sonata ('')
* Trio sonata ('')

* Suite ('')
* Sonatina ('')

[HEADING=1]Classical + Romantic[/HEADING]

* Arabesque ('')
* Bagatelle ('')
* Ballade ('')
* Ballet ('')

* Classical ballet ('')

* Caprice ('')
* Carol ('')
* Concerto ('')

* Cello concerto ('')
* Clarinet concerto ('')
* Double bass concerto ('')
* Flute concerto ('')
* Oboe concerto ('')
* Piano concerto ('')
* Trumpet concerto ('')
* Viola concerto ('')
* Violin concerto ('')

* Dance ('')
* Divertimento ('')
* Étude ('')
* Fantasy ('')
* Impromptu ('')
* Intermezzo ('')
* Lied ('')
* Mass ('')
* March ('')
* Mazurka ('')
* Music hall ('')
* Nocturne ('')
* Octet ('')
* Opera ('')

* Ballad opera ('')
* Opera buffa ('')
* Opéra comique ('')
* Opera seria ('')
* Operetta ('')
* Overture ('')

* Concert overture ('')
* Symphonic poem ('')

* Singspiel ('')
* Zarzuela ('')
* Concert Aria ('')

* Oratorio ('')
* Polonaise ('')
* Prelude ('')
* Quartet ('')

* Piano quartet ('')
* String quartet ('')
* Oboe quartet ('')

* Quintet ('')

* Piano quintet ('')
* String quintet ('')
* Wind Quintet ('')

* Requiem ('')
* Rhapsody ('')
* Rondo ('')
* Scherzo ('')
* Serenade ('')
* Sinfonia concertante ('')
* Sonata ('')

* Bassoon sonata ('')
* Cello sonata ('')
* Clarinet sonata ('')
* Flute sonata ('')
* Piano sonata ('')
* Violin sonata ('')
* Viola sonata ('')

* Song cycle ('')
* Symphony ('')

* Program symphony ('')
* Choral symphony ('')

* Suite ('')
* Waltz ('')

[HEADING=1]20th and 21st Century[/HEADING]

* Ballet ('')

* Neoclassical ballet ('')
* Contemporary ballet ('')

* Burlesque ('')
* Cabaret ('')
* Concerto for Orchestra ('')
* Electronic music ('')
* Experimental music theatre ('')
* Film score ('')
* Moment form ('')
* Minimal music ('')
* Musical theatre ('')
* Opera ('')
* Soundtrack ('')
* Trio ('')
* Vaudeville ('')
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Realityck Avatar
10 months ago

Why does it need a separate app just for one type of music genre isn’t it better to all be in one app?
Because people search for classical music in different ways than the current Apple Music does with track based selections. So there is more emphasis on similar content from many artists for classical users.
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eicca Avatar
10 months ago
Here's why classical music needs its own app or categorization system:

You want to listen to Dvorak's cello concerto? How many different orchestras have played it? How many of those orchestras have played it multiple times, each with a different conductor that will drastically change the style of the performance? Now each of those will have a different soloist. Sometimes you can have the same orchestra, conductor, and soloist but in a different venue on a different occasion, and that recording will have desirable traits over the others.

There are exponentially more variables in tracking down a classical recording than pretty much anything else. And every single one of those variables is critical in the presentation of the performance. It's orders of magnitude more subdivided than all other genres. There needs to be a better way to search through all of those variables to narrow down a recording, instead of just the typical "artist-album" format.

It gets even worse when you want one specific piece that's buried in an album that has a different title.

I want "Photograph" by Def Leppard? Easy to find, even with live versions and covers.

So if you don't understand it, just ignore it. A well-constructed classical-specific app could be a godsend for those of us that enjoy the art.
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steve09090 Avatar
10 months ago

The same reason why it's taken them so long to release a Country Music App. Or a Reggae App. Or a Beyonce Music App. Or a Kenya West App. Or a Barry Manilow Greatest Hits App.

There is zero reason for each music category to have its own app.

We have enough apps in our iPhones. I don't even know how this Burger King App got inside my iPhone.... o_O
Whilst every genre needn’t have its own app, classical music is in a different category.

As explained above, searching for Chopin is far harder than you searching for Barry Manilow in the current app. Not every Chopin or Rachmaninov Recording or performance is the same.

You can keep Copacabana and Mandy to yourself ?
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mannyvel Avatar
10 months ago
Metadata is the most difficult part of any music service.

Classical metadata is even more important, because classical needs to be searchable by pretty much every field: musicians, vocalist(s), composer, piece name, performing artist(s), label, conductor, orchestra, concert hall(!), date published, date performed, instrument(s), the list goes on.

And at least from my observations of the classic metadata in Apple Music, there isn't a canonical form for a lot of this data.
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citysnaps Avatar
10 months ago

There is zero reason for each music category to have its own app.

We have enough apps in our iPhones. I don't even know how this Burger King App got inside my iPhone.... o_O
Each category? Really?

I don't understand all the aggrieved pushback such as the above.

Don't like or care for classical music? Don't install/use the app.

Simple. Life goes on.
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