Apple's Stock Hit 18-Month Low This Week Amid iPhone 14 Pro Supply Issues

Apple's shares fell to an 18-month low this week amid iPhone supply issues and a broader downturn in the stock market. Apple's stock closed at $126.04 on Wednesday to reach its lowest mark since June 2021, and still remains within that territory.

iphone 14 pro max deep purple
Apple's manufacturing partner Foxconn has faced iPhone production constraints due to COVID-19-related issues over the past few months. Last month, workers protested at Foxconn's main iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, China over poor working conditions stemming from COVID-19 restrictions. While the Chinese government has since started to ease some restrictions, increased spread of the virus has led to labor shortages at Foxconn.

Last month, Apple issued a rare public warning stating that iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max shipments would be lower than it previously anticipated due to the restrictions that were in place at Foxconn at the time.

Earlier this week, Taiwanese research firm TrendForce said the capacity utilization rate of Foxconn's factory had yet to rise above 70% since the production issues began. The situation has primarily impacted the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max given stronger demand for those devices, resulting in multi-week shipping delays. The standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models are both in stock on Apple's online store.

Due to the COVID-19-related issues, economic uncertainty, and the weeklong Chinese New Year holiday next month, TrendForce believes that the iPhone production issues will continue into early 2023 and lowered its iPhone shipment forecast for all models to 47 million units in the first quarter of the year, down from 52 million.

Apple briefly achieved a $3 trillion valuation earlier this year, but the company's market cap is now closer to the $2 trillion mark again.


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Zakn Avatar
23 weeks ago
The problem with Apple shares is not only supply issues. Wall street understands now that they have a demand problem too : you can pick whichever iPhone model you want at Apple stores in France today, so there is not really a supply problem.

The problem is demand for iPhones priced starting from 1000 euros and 1300 euros for the iPhone pro and the luck of innovation in the last models. You can't convince me to update from the 13 to the 14 for the "dynamic island" or buy the 15 for USB C. They need either to innovate or to reduce prices to increase sales.

There is also the problem with the changes to the App store which will impact the Services revenue (first in EU, and later in the US if the legislation is adopted).

So, it is not only a supply issues but also questions about Apple ability to continue growing its revenue.
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Danfango Avatar
23 weeks ago
All stock is crashing. At least AAPL isn't crashing because the CEO is completely coco bananas.
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citysnaps Avatar
23 weeks ago
An excellent time to buy more AAPL.
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Ed A. Avatar
23 weeks ago

All stock is crashing. At least AAPL isn't crashing because the CEO is completely coco bananas.
Apple stock is crashing because they’re too dependent on China for manufacturing. They should have seen this problem coming over two years ago and transferred manufacturing to India, Vietnam, or wherever else, but they were too slow to do so.
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xmarcuswildx Avatar
23 weeks ago
Not for nothing…. But isn’t everything basically at 52 week lows off artificial pumps? ??‍♂️
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sw1tcher Avatar
23 weeks ago

All stock is crashing. At least AAPL isn't crashing because the CEO is completely coco bananas.
No, not all stocks are crashing.

Packaged food (e.g. PG, GIS, CPB), drug/pharma/biotech (e.g. MRK, LLY, GILD), energy (e.g. CVX, XOM, OXY, BP), industrial (e.g. URI, EMR, GWW), and consumer cyclical (e.g. GPC, AZO, TJX) stocks are all up for the year.

Not even the ALL stock (The Allstate Corporation) is crashing. ALL is up for the year as well. ?
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