iPhone Users in Colorado Can Now Add IDs to Wallet App

iPhone and Apple Watch owners in Colorado are now able to add their IDs and licenses to the Wallet app to serve as a form of identification in lieu of a physical card for TSA checkpoints at select airports.

colorado wallet id
Colorado's Department of Revenue announced the news today, and said that the Wallet-based ID or license can be presented at select TSA checkpoints at the Denver airport. Digital IDs are available to individuals with a current, valid Colorado-issued driver license or ID.

The Department of Revenue says that the Wallet ID is designed to be a companion to the physical driver's license or ID, and it is not a replacement. Coloradans must continue to carry their physical driver license or ID with them, and the Wallet ID can only be used at airports.

Apple with iOS 15 added support for allowing users from participating U.S. states to add their licenses and state IDs to the Wallet app, and so far, Arizona, Maryland, and Colorado support the feature.

Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Utah are also working on support.

(Thanks, Coady!)

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CalMin Avatar
8 months ago
I want this too. Come on California!
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lazyrighteye Avatar
8 months ago

Good luck with that. Here in Arizona we have had Digital ID for months, but I have gone through the signup procedure in the Wallet app on two separate occasions and heard nothing for the Motor Vehicle Department.
I just sent my info off to the DMV in CO. Interested to see how long this takes.

Edit: Whoa - took under 5-min! Un. Ex. Pect. Ed.

Edit #2: Whoa again! The license art is pretty slick. When you rock the phone from left to right, up and down, there is foreground/background separation (depth) and an iridescent rainbow wash that makes it feel almost lenticular. Fancy.

@WilliApple I don't recommend milking that cow. ?[Click to view video attachment]
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cateye Avatar
8 months ago
Really interesting process. Scanned front and back of license, then lots of face scans, sort of like when you set up FaceID, then it all gets sent automatically to the Colorado DMV. Then you wait for approval.

EDIT: aaand there it is, like 3 minutes later. It just shows up in Wallet. Neat.
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coachgq Avatar
8 months ago
I’m so jealous here in Texas.
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cateye Avatar
8 months ago
No option here either, yet (also CO resident)

EDIT: Oh, whoops, didn't realize 16.1.1 is out too. Will try updating first and then see.

EDIT2: After 16.1.1 update, option is now there! woohoo.
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Attirex Avatar
8 months ago
Digital ID is woke ******* trash! Stop the steal! Elon 2024!

Did I do that right?
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