Nanoleaf Debuts 'Lines Squared' LED Light Bars

Nanoleaf today updated its Lines LED Light Bars to add a new configuration that allows the lights to be arranged at 90 degree angles using new square Mounting Connectors. The Lines Squared can be set up around door frames and corners, and new geometric shapes are possible.

lines squared 1
The new 90 degree connectors can be paired with the existing 60 degree connectors, allowing for many new design options. For those unfamiliar with Nanoleaf lights, the Lines can be connected together to form wall art in any shape you desire. The LED lights are capable of displaying more than 16 million colors, with different color-shifting patterns also available.

The Lines are HomeKit-enabled and can be controlled with Siri and through the Home app, plus there is a dedicated Nanoleaf app where you can set up lighting scenes and sync the lights to music.

lines squared 2
Like the original Lines lights, the Lines Squared serve as a Thread Border Router, allowing for improved connections and reliability for other Thread-compatible smart home devices.

Lines Squared can be pre-ordered from the Nanoleaf website for $100 for a four pack. Expansion packs with three Lines are also available for $70.

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mimeArtist Avatar
8 months ago
Personal preference I guess, but I just don't get the appeal of them.
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JHBrown Avatar
8 months ago
In all of the pictures I’ve seen with them hanging on walls, I still don’t understand. Definitely, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
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JSteele Avatar
8 months ago
Avoid Nanoleaf, as a company their essential product lines are iffy and customer support blows.

Don't have to believe me, just check their Reddit history :) I was given multiple lemons and the company "gave feedback to the devs" instead of replacing them.
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USB-Adapter Avatar
8 months ago
I dunno how that looks like in the real life, but on photos it looks kinda cheap.
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AbSoluTc Avatar
8 months ago
Stay away from Nanoleaf. Back in the day, they were a decent company, now - crap. I have an Aurora that went through months of issues that nobody at NL could figure out. Nothing fixed it. I gave up. Their app update a couple years back for the WORSE. Their products are severely over priced and the support is terrible. STAY AWAY!
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gaximus Avatar
8 months ago
These would look awesome if it where for the lack of light at the connection points.
Score: 2 Votes (Like | Disagree)