iPadOS 16 Beta Expands 'Zoomed Out' Display Option to Older 11-Inch iPad Pros

The latest iPadOS 16 beta released earlier this week expands a Display Zoom option for more screen space to 2018 and 2020 models of the 11-inch iPad Pro with A12X and A12Z chips. The feature was previously limited to iPad models with the M1 chip.

iPad Pro Orange Feature
The feature can be enabled in the Settings app by tapping Display & Brightness → Display Zoom → More Space. Apple says this mode gives users more screen space to work with by scaling the display's resolution, which can be useful for features like Split View and Stage Manager. Apple announced earlier this week that Stage Manager is expanding to 2018 and newer iPad Pro models, albeit without external display support.

Display Zoom More Space iPadOS 16

Screenshot: Taimur Asad

For the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the More Space option is still limited to the model with the M1 chip, according to developer Steve Troughton-Smith.

iPadOS 16 remains in beta testing and will be released as iPadOS 16.1 in October.

(Thanks, Erik Landi!)

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gaximus Avatar
9 months ago

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NavySilver Avatar
9 months ago
2018 iPad Pros are shaping up to be the iPhone 6s of iPads
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cygy2k Avatar
9 months ago
It would be helpful to explain what this does and affects, especially since the mockup in both of Apple's options is exactly the same.
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Mr. Awesome Avatar
9 months ago

2018 iPad Pros are shaping up to be the iPhone 6s of iPads
For real. The A12 chips in general, but particularly the A12X, were so far ahead of their time. The software is just now hitting the limits of the hardware.
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Love-hate ? relationship Avatar
9 months ago
But not for the 12.9 ? Come on
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Tagbert Avatar
9 months ago

Hopefully this comes to the 4th gen air too, the 10.9" screen isnt exactly much different from 11" pro :)
The A14 has a four-core GPU and six-core CPU.
The A12x has a seven-core GPU and an eight-core CPU.

While the A14 is faster in single core, that GPU count is noticeably smaller.

The Air has mostly used the phone SOC while the iPPs have used a beefier SOC. It wasn’t until the most recent Airs got the M1 that they came close to parity.
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