Updated Eve Motion Sensor Gains Thread Support

Eve Systems today announced the launch of a second-generation version of its Eve Motion sensor, which is designed to detect motion to activate other HomeKit-enabled devices.

eve motion sensor
The updated version of the Eve Motion includes an integrated light sensor and support for the Thread mesh networking standard that is designed to improve the connectivity and interoperability of smart home devices.

Eve Motion is equipped with replaceable AAA batteries and can be placed anywhere inside or outside the home to be used alongside HomeKit products. According to Eve Systems, the new Eve Motion has been designed with a more compact body and IPX3 water resistance so it can stand up to splashes of water and rain.

A 120-degree field of view detects motion within a nine meter range, and with the new light sensor, the Eve Motion can detect motion and changes in lighting to activate ‌HomeKit‌ devices. It can, for example, turn on the lights in a room when a person enters, plus it pairs with the Eve MotionBlinds to raise or lower the blinds based on the ambient lighting in the room.

All of Eve's Thread devices, the Eve Motion included, will be able to receive an over-the-air firmware update that will allow them to work with upcoming smart home protocol Matter, which will be supported by Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, and more. Matter is set to launch later this year.

The second-generation Eve Motion is priced at $40 and it can be purchased from the Eve website starting today.

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graficon Avatar
3 weeks ago
Looks like a carbon copy of the Philips HUE motion sensor…
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AboveGroundLevel Avatar
3 weeks ago

Only about 6 years late to the party. I suppose if you have bought into the cheaper stuff like Eve it might be something you have been waiting for but the rest of us having been using the Hue one's for years.

We have owned Philips Hue since day one and it works flawlessly for us, everything responds as it should and not a single bulb has died in that time.
Late to what party? Hue is on Zigbee while this new Eve sensor is on thread.

They use two different standards…

Thread is superior in every category as well as being backed by the Matter application layer which is fully integrated with iOS and Android.

The Apple TV is already a [S]bridge[/S] border router for thread accessories, which means no hub required.

Here are a few key points for the unfamiliar:

* much lower latency (often half of Zigbee's);
* Thread seems to send the commands in the first packet, not wait for back-and-forth connection establishing.
* much better performance in the mesh network - especially over multiple hops
* no need for a hub - all IP based, directly addressable without "translations" by a hub to the rest of the network
* as redundant and safe as the internet, using proven IP technologies
* open and royalty-free standard (openthread implementation on github)
* built specifically for the smart home - with easier device commissioning (e.g. via smartphone / QR code)
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themuseboy Avatar
3 weeks ago

No way am I using anything Apple as a border router, when/if thread/matter takes off. HK & siri is just too unstable.
Ok, then don't. But us adults here are going to work with our Apple products and keep moving forward.
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Benjamin Nabulsi Avatar
3 weeks ago
I like Eve products, I will wait for this one to hit Amazon since they have 10$ fedex charge on site.
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keithop Avatar
3 weeks ago

My interest in this comes from the fact that it looks like the only sensor I’ve seen that will let you use the light sensor without having to also use the motion sensor. I’ve been wanting my lights to turn on when it’s cloudy out and it looks like this should allow me to set up an automation to do that.
just to say Eve Support came back and said yes it works:

I am happy to confirm that you can use both sensors individually for automation. I just created one test automation with Eve Light Strip that will turn the light on if the light level falls below 10 Lux, and it worked like a charm.

If you still have any questions, or if there is anything else we can do to help, don't hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards,

Eve Support"
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_Spinn_ Avatar
3 weeks ago
Very cool. I love my Eve thread devices and I'm glad to see more devices transitioning over to thread.
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