Gamevice Launches iPad Gaming Controller

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Gamevice today announced the launch of a new gaming controller that's designed for the iPad, with the controller joining the already available iOS version. The Gamevice controller fits around the ‌iPad‌, turning it into a handheld gaming console.

gamevice for ipad
Gamevice says that the new ‌iPad‌ version of the controller is compatible with the 5th to 9th-generation ‌iPad‌, the iPad Air 2 and ‌iPad Air‌ 3, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and the 10.5-inch ‌iPad Pro‌. It is ideal for cloud gaming experiences through Xbox Game Pass, GeForce NOW, Apple Arcade, Stadia, and more. It also works with a newly updated version of the Gamevice Live app, which is meant to help players find controller-friendly games to play.

Alongside the ‌iPad‌ controller, Gamevice today introduced a new version of the iOS controller that is compatible with all current-generation iPhones and Android smartphones, including the entire iPhone 13 lineup.

The Gamevice for ‌iPad‌ is available from the Gamevice website for $100, and the new Gamevice for iOS is available for $80.

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Aero Leviathan Avatar
13 months ago
This article is bizarre. Is this a mistake? The web site links to the same old, discontinued products that have been out of stock for years. The article mentions no details to differentiate the supposedly "new" product from the old discontinued ones. It makes little sense that these products wouldn't work with the latest Apple devices.

I'm thinking someone at "GameVice" (if they even still exist?) may have hit a button somewhere and sent out a years-old press release by accident, and MacRumors reported on it as if it were new.
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heystu Avatar
13 months ago

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WRXHokie Avatar
13 months ago
Its weird they dont have a version that works on the newer iPad Pros with USB-C connections
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George Dawes Avatar
13 months ago
Like a giant Nintendo switch !!??

$100 ? lol , you can almost buy a switch for that ...
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icanhazmac Avatar
13 months ago
When I see that I also see a whole lot of twisted and bent iPads.
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eqquito Avatar
13 months ago

I have a switch, I would rather have something like this.

The switch is good only for first-party Nintendo games. It's far too low power for anything else.
Apple should buy part of Nintendo and have all their games on the iPad. Nintendo games are not graphics and CPU hungry and could be run on the iPad with no problem. I know this is a stretch but a man can dream.
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