Apple Discontinues macOS Server

Apple today announced in a support document that macOS Server is being discontinued as of April 21, 2022. Apple has been phasing out macOS Server for several years now, and the company is finally ready to shut it down for good.

macos server
macOS Server 5.12.2 will be the last version of the app, and macOS Server services have now been migrated to macOS. Popular macOS Server capabilities that include Caching Server, File Sharing Server, and Time Machine Server have been bundled in macOS since macOS High Sierra, so there is no longer a need for a standalone app.

Existing macOS Server users can continue to download and use the app with macOS Monterey, and Apple has support documents for migrating from Profile Manager to other MDM solutions.

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HorstBockman Avatar
15 months ago
Implementing substitutes for Server has been a total PITA and wholly unsatisfying. And expensive. Huge disappointment over the whole situation here.
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DHagan4755 Avatar
15 months ago
This news is not surprising. It's disappointing in some regards. Apple had a lot of resources to make this product really good, but they failed to make it competitive enough to get enterprise & education customers to switch away from Microsoft server products.
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ArrayDecay Avatar
15 months ago
Huh. I haven't thought about MacOS Server in a long time.

Remember when Apple actually made server hardware? Good times!
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cb3 Avatar
15 months ago
Sad about this, but knew it was coming. Mac Server was great for our small office.
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UndefinedxJoker Avatar
15 months ago
I don’t know anything about servers or enterprise but with the efficiency of the M1 lineup couldn’t Apple seriously disrupt the server market?

Having chips that perform fast yet cool could save a lot of energy and cooling costs.
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beermode Avatar
15 months ago
My work dumped a bunch of money into Apple servers prior to my arrival. OS and physical servers. And they dropped it like a bad habit. Just like that. Apple on the business side will always make me skeptical. Apple clients aren't immune. Monterrey broke USB for our projector and camera setups with no fix in sight. It really dehibilted functionality on a system we paid lots of money for.
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