Apple News Rolls Out Local News Coverage in Canada

Apple News has rolled out local news coverage in Canada, according to Apple blogger and YouTuber Rene Ritchie. The first local news content will be available in Toronto and Montreal and will feature coverage from CTV News, Toronto Star, La Presse, Narcity, and other news outlets.

The move follows similar local news coverage expansions last October in the US, covering Charlotte, Miami, and Washington D.C. ‌Apple News‌ local coverage in the US can also be found in San Francisco, the Bay Area, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, and San Antonio.

Last month MacRumors found code in the first beta of iOS 15.4 that suggests Apple is planning to expand the sports content available in its ‌Apple News‌ app. To offer a more tailored news experience, users will be able to select their preferred sports leagues and their favorite teams, with Apple then providing the appropriate news.

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DGDshill Avatar
10 months ago
This will be great, I mean, how else will we know what to think?
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mxrider88 Avatar
10 months ago

This isn't new news,..Apple has already advertised this. Not sure why Rene Ritchie thinks he is revealing anything new ?‍♂️
Click bait, money flowing in his pockets while people waste time listening..
Until people keep consuming videos on YouTube and wasting their time, this thing will continue and get only worse.
Not a personal attack to him, just the whole YouTuber thing is irritating. You want to listen to something that interests you and you have to hear about “smashing” like buttons, subscribe, turn on the notification so we can drive you even more addicted to it, then listen to our sponsor of today, then “oh by the way join this other platform and pay me a subscription so I can give you more content”, bla bla bla….enough is enough
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pauloregan Avatar
10 months ago
Is Apple News the worse Apple product / service? I think it might be.
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Knitecrow Avatar
10 months ago
Reading and watching news is like eating highly refined junk food. It will give you mental diabetes.

Read old book. They will give you better understanding of the human condition.

If you don’t like books, try a history podcast like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.
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bLackjackj Avatar
10 months ago
This isn't new news,..Apple has already advertised this. Not sure why Rene Ritchie thinks he is revealing anything new ?‍♂️
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LivingMyBeachLife Avatar
10 months ago

Is Apple News the worse Apple product / service? I think it might be
How so? How is it the worst product / service? I get access to magazines like Consumer Reports, Travel and Leisure, Men's Health and many other magazines that I would have to pay for, all for one price. I can read MacRumors in Apple news and other sites versus having to open a browser. I get one stop access and push notifications for news like Fox, CNN, ABC on my Mac, Phone, Watch and Ipad. Etc. etc. etc. How is Apple News the worst product? Have you even used it?
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