CES 2022: Belkin Debuts New Find My-Compatible Soundform Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Belkin today introduced new high-end Soundform earbuds, which offer Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation and integration with Apple's Find My app.

belkin soundform earbuds anc 2
According to Belkin, the Soundform Immerse Noise Cancelling Earbuds are the company's top-of-the-line audio solution. In addition to an Active Noise Cancellation feature, the earbuds feature a Multipoint connection to connect to and switch between multiple devices.

The earbuds are equipped with 12mm dual-layer dynamic drivers, and there are three microphones in each earbud. AptX HD 24-bit audio is supported, and the earbuds last for up to eight hours on a single charge. A charging case adds an additional 28 hours of battery life.

Three sets of ear tips and wing tips come with the earbuds for a customized fit, and Apple users can add the Soundform earbuds to the ‌Find My‌ app. With ‌Find My‌ integration, the earbuds can be tracked right alongside other Apple devices and can be located when lost. Thanks to ‌Find My‌ network support, the earbuds can be tracked down even when they're out of Bluetooth range by leveraging other nearby Apple devices.

belkin anc soundform earbuds 3
The charging case can charge over USB-C or with any Qi-based wireless charger. The earbuds have an IPX5 water resistance rating so they can hold up to light splashes of water and sweat, and the sound can be customized with Belkin's Soundform app.

Belkin's Soundform Immerse Noise Cancelling Earbuds will launch in the second quarter of 2022.

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alexjholland Avatar
25 weeks ago

On the other hand, the H1 has never been enticing enough to make me spend 4x as much for something I'm inevitably going to lose
I have countless debilitating character flaws.

Fortunately losing stuff isn't one of them!
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alexjholland Avatar
25 weeks ago

In consideration many people don't just own or use Apple branded/made products. An H1 chip can be considered as an obvious Disadvantage to some.

Me personally I live in macOS, iOS and iPadOS with TVOS at home, but I work in Windows (Win10 currently), so the H1 chip for my AirPod Pro’s are a disadvantage to when I need clear audio to auto switch with Win10 + Cisco IP Communicator/Cisco Jabber for voice calls which I use heavily minute to minute for majority of my days.

For now I have Jabra Elite 7 Actives for that Cisco purpose in Windows - which I didn't have to though.

H1 chip is ONLY advantage on Apple's products, multiple device support isn't a thing on any AirPods when using non-apple devices, something to heavily keep in mind for those that need multiple device/brand support.

Also ... AirPod Pro’s, many of the Beats brands headsets/headphones that have W1 or H1 chips don't last more than 4hrs with ANC (AirPods Max and Beats Studio Pro 3's or Solo 3/4's the exceptions - they top out at 8-10hrs + ANC). Many of the competition is brining 8hrs + ANC standard now. If AirPod Pro 2's don't have minimum 7hrs+ANC / 9hrs without ANC then that'll erode the benefits of H1 can bring in 2022 - without lossless audio quality streaming as rumoured late this year.
That's a fair point - my family's 100% in the Apple ecosystem so H1 is advantageous.

I rarely run out of battery on my Airpod Pros - and find they charge super-quickly.

That said I switch between them and the Maxes fairly often.
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alexjholland Avatar
25 weeks ago

I’m balding, soon middle-aged, and my AirPods Pro have started to muffle mic sound on BOTH left and right AirPods Pro unit after almost two years (hence Apple won’t replace them) — so I guess I’m the target group. Sounds good!

Too bad they won’t be here until half a year or later. I need replacements for my AirPods Pro now. Any suggestions?
The brand-new Beats Fit Pros?
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red elma Avatar
25 weeks ago
Interesting design approach. Those wing tips seem sharp around the edges.
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dmylrea Avatar
25 weeks ago
Yet another set of new Earbuds in an already flooded market and from a company that is literally last on my list of companies I would think to look at for earbuds. Good luck Belkin.
Score: 1 Votes (Like | Disagree)
svish Avatar
25 weeks ago
Seems good. Only two colours though.
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