Apple Offering Free AirPods With iPhone 12 Purchase in India to Celebrate Diwali

Apple is offering customers in India free AirPods with the purchase of an iPhone 12 or an iPhone 12 mini in celebration of the upcoming Diwali festival, which starts on November 4.

airpods india promotion 2021
Apple's promotion will kick off on Thursday, October 7, and last year, it was highly popular with supplies selling out in just a couple of hours. According to Apple, the deal will be available from October 7 to November 4, though it's not clear how long supplies will hold up this year.

There is limited stock available on a per model basis, and Apple says that the promotion will only be available while stock lasts, so those in India hoping to take advantage of the deal should order early on October 7.

Customers in India can get the standard AirPods with Charging Case free with the promotion savings of INR 14900, or can pay extra to upgrade to the AirPods with Wireless Charging Case or the AirPods Pro. Pricing on the ‌iPhone 12‌ starts at INR 59900, but monthly payments are available, as are discounts with older device trade-ins.

(Thanks, Purav!)

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Adithya007 Avatar
17 months ago

Wow, we don't get anything like that in the United States, where Apple is based.

Nice, Apple, nice!
12 64 gigs is 880$ in India.
13 128gigs is 800$ in the US.

13 is 1080$ in India.
13Pro starts at 999$ in the US.
13Pro starts at 1620$ in India.

Trust me you definitely don’t want Apple to treat you the same way they treat India.
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Silverstring Avatar
17 months ago

Wow, we don't get anything like that in the United States, where Apple is based.

Nice, Apple, nice!
I'm US born and based...but I laughed imagining any person in another country where Apple does business seeing this comment and rolling their eyes so hard something breaks.

We might not get this particular deal, but there are so many Apple products/features/services that either come to all the other countries late...or sometimes not at all.

The US is Apple's spoiled favorite child, so I can't complain about us missing out on one small thing like this, haha.
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glsillygili Avatar
17 months ago
Airpods should just come free with every new iPhone. They must have huge margins for Apple at $159
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JPack Avatar
17 months ago

Wow, we don't get anything like that in the United States, where Apple is based.

Nice, Apple, nice!
Do you want to pay $889 for an iPhone 12 like Indians do?
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TheYayAreaLiving ? Avatar
17 months ago
Free is good! This is a nice promotion!
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Adithya007 Avatar
17 months ago

we pay 700 right now…i Don’t see the issue
Yeah sure try paying 1620$ for a base 999$ iPhone 13 Pro and calling it a non-issue. You can’t come to a conclusion that there’s no issue here based on such small a sample space(price of one dated product).
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