iOS 15 and macOS Monterey Introduce Ability to Capture 15-Second Gameplay Recordings Using a Game Controller

Apple's new iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey software updates unveiled this week introduce the ability to capture and save the last 15 seconds of gameplay at any time by long pressing a designated button on a supported game controller.

ps5 controller apple online store
Instead of having to remember to start and stop a screen recording while playing a game, this optional new feature allows iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to capture 15-second highlight videos by simply long pressing the Share (or Create) button on a supported game controller, such as the Xbox Series X/S controller or the PS5 DualSense controller.

Apple describes the feature as "an awesome way to let gamers capture a great boss battle, an amazing combo move, or an epic fail."

This is just one of many small but useful new features added in Apple's latest software updates. iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey are available now in beta for developers and will be publicly released in the fall.

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Think|Different Avatar
15 weeks ago

NVIDIA/AMD has had this for several years.

PS4 has had it since 2013.
So has Xbox? And SO WHAT. We are talking about using those controllers do it on Apple gaming devices. Sheesh. ?
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Apple_Robert Avatar
15 weeks ago
I think this will be a very poplar feature with kids posting to media.

edited to add: Saying this feature has been available elsewhere for years isn't really germane when those platforms aren't Apple.
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Apple_Robert Avatar
15 weeks ago

didn't you shame Samsung for removing power adapters and gluing batteries after Apple did it?

sounds like you really are playing favorites.
I don't believe I shamed. I did note that they did something they mocked Apple for, which struck me as ironic.

Feel free to find my post on the subject. I believe I try to be fair.
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Apple_Robert Avatar
15 weeks ago

that would be shaming Samsung. you mentioned Apple glued batteries and now Samsung is doing it. and you jokingly said that if Samsung wanted to get ahead of Apple, they would need to ship the phone without the box.

Saying Samsung mocked Apple about removing the brick and gluing batteries, which they did in their media, is not the same thing as shaming Samsung. I pointed out hypocritical fact at the time. All this really has nothing to do with the subject of the thread.

I didn't enter the thread to debate minutia that has nothing to do with the actual subject matter which is the new Apple feature.

In the future, if you are going to claim I said thus and thus months ago, at least have the courtesy to back it up with contextual links. Otherwise, you are blowing smoke.
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TheYayAreaLiving Avatar
15 weeks ago
Apple describes it as, “an awesome way to let gamers capture a great boss battle, an amazing combo move, or an epic fail”

how cool and awesome is that!
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genovelle Avatar
15 weeks ago

NVIDIA/AMD has had this for several years.

PS4 has had it since 2013.
Isn’t this one of the features so called real gamers was complaining was missing. One of the reasons they may resist focusing on gamers is they know they will never be able to make them happy.
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