CES 2021: Lutron Debuts New Outdoor Smart Plug for Caséta Lighting System

Lutron, known for its range of Caséta smart home lighting products, today announced the upcoming launch of the Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug.

lutron caseta outdoor smart plug
The Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug has an IP-65 water and dust resistance rating that allow it to be protected even in the rain. Lutron says that it is built to last and will survive severe weather "season after season."

The Smart Plug can be used for holiday lights, string lighting, some motors and pumps, and other outdoor lighting options. It is HomeKit compatible and can be controlled in the Home app or through the Lutron app for scheduling purposes. There's a built-in smart timer that keeps it on the right time year-round, even through Daylight Savings.

The Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug can be used with a Lutron Smart Bridge for increased reliability and responsiveness, plus the plug can be paired with other Caséta lighting products.

Lutron will start selling the Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug in late March at Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe's, and it will be priced at $79.95.

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macwhiztech Avatar
10 months ago
This is a no-brainer for HomeKit enthusiasts. The Caséta devices just work, first time, every time. Hue devices often fail to respond, iHome devices go out to lunch and need a reboot every few months (and iHome's leaving the market), but Caséta just plain works. I have never had to troubleshoot a Caséta device.
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pubb Avatar
10 months ago
Seems like the holiday season would have been the time to launch this, but hey.
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TeamMojo Avatar
10 months ago

Seems like the holiday season would have been the time to launch this, but hey.
Yep, just in time for my Christmas lights...
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Kabeyun Avatar
10 months ago

This is a no-brainer for HomeKit enthusiasts. The Caséta devices just work, first time, every time. Hue devices often fail to respond, iHome devices go out to lunch and need a reboot every few months (and iHome's leaving the market), but Caséta just plain works. I have never had to troubleshoot a Caséta device.
Agree. In general it’s better to install a hub-and-spoke system where devices are controlled from a proprietary transmitter (Lutron Connect Bridges use their “Clear Connect Wireless” protocol). The other paradigm ([S]Hue[/S], Leviton, etc.) has each device being its own WiFi device, and that’s a recipe for headaches. We have a Lutron RA2 Select smart home with about 40 devices, mostly switches but also sensors and a couple of shades. Not only has it all been rock solid since day 1, but updates and program changes are a breeze and HomeKit integration is completely transparent.

Edit: it was correctly pointed out that Hue is not WiFi based.
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Rychiar Avatar
10 months ago
Figures they release one now that I just had an electrician put in 2 iDevices in wall outlets into outdoor power receptacles outside my house. Of course I was really hoping Lutron would make one of those
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RMo Avatar
10 months ago

The other paradigm (Hue, Leviton, etc.) has each device being its own WiFi device,
I don't know what Leviton does, but this is absolutely not true for Hue. Hue uses Zigbee (Zigbee Light Link initially, Zigbee 3.0 compatible now), and the Hue Bridge has only an Ethernet connection, so there is no Wi-Fi necessarily involved at all (and in a Light Link network, the bulbs and accessories will mostly keep functioning on their own without a Bridge, which isn't really a "hub" in that sense). Zigbee is designed to be a mesh network, so mains-powered devices acts as "repeaters" (routers in Zigbee terms) for all devices to find a path they need to other devices on the network, often the Bridge to a bulb or accessory. The latest generation also supports Bluetooth, but that's really for people who just want to use the app to control a few bulbs; you'll need the Bridge (and Zigbee) for the full feature set, which is what I'm talking about here--though it should be noted that this other option is still BT and not Wi-Fi.

This is actually one advantage Hue has over Lutron's ClearConnect protocol, which is not mesh: arbitrarily large range. Lutron lets you add up to two "extenders," but that is a fairly new feature. For more range, you'll need a "full" RA2 system where you can add more RA2 Main Repeaters or Auxiliary Repeaters. That being said, ClearConnect does have lots of advantages: not being mesh means you never have to worry about some routing oddities that occasionally plague Zigbee (but usually not with simple networks like Hue/ZLL); they use a low-frequency less-crowded bandwidth; and their products have a well-deserved solid reputation (though I'd say Hue does too).

What you mentioned, however, is one reason I wouldn't fill my house with devices like LIFX or Shelly--or even lots of HomeKit-compatible plugs I see here from time to time. Nothing against Wi-Fi itself (I do have several Wi-Fi "smart" devices), just probably not the best protocol for large numbers of these things.
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