Apple TV App Coming to 'Chromecast With Google TV' Early Next Year and More Android TV Devices in Future

Google today announced that the Apple TV app will be rolling out to the new Chromecast with Google TV dongle starting early next year, and to more devices powered by the Android TV operating system in the future.

chromecast with google tv
With the addition of the Apple TV app, Chromecast with Google TV users will be able to access Apple TV+ with a subscription, as well as their library of movie and TV show purchases from Apple and content from Apple TV channels.

This marks Google's second partnership with Apple this month, following Apple Music rolling out to Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays like the Nest Audio, Nest Hub Max, and Nest Mini in the United States and select other countries.

The Apple TV app has been rolling out to a wide variety of platforms in recent months, including the PlayStation, Xbox, and Roku.

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Grimace Avatar
26 months ago
Forget the Apple TV+ app, can we have a lower price Apple TV dongle? A $79 or $99 dongle that has no/limited storage would be most welcome. Not all of us need 32GB of storage for games
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profets Avatar
26 months ago
It feels odd how they've been pushing TV app, airplay and HomeKit to so many TVs, devices, etc yet we still have relatively expensive and old TV devices for sale.

They need a clear direction on what they want to do with the TV at this point. I almost wonder if they're thinking about discontinuing it once they really have TV+ everywhere. I hope not though.
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Ar40 Avatar
26 months ago
Excellent news.

Apple really needs to fix the branding though. I can’t count the number of people I talk to IRL or on Twitter who think you need an”Apple TV” or other Apple device to watch “Apple TV+”. I wish Apple would call the TV devices something else, like Apple Home or Apple Hub.
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CarlJ Avatar
26 months ago

Like others have mentioned, the price is ridiculous. $129/$99 should be the top end of these devices. If they add a M1 chip and that vastly improves gaming, sure the price is justified.
I keep hearing this. I look at it as, my ATV4K is the least expensive piece of my home theater system (and no, I don’t have one of those giant OLED screens, my TV is pretty modest), yet it’s the piece that I interact directly with the most - it’s my UI for everything I ask of the system, and I vastly prefer the ATV4K to past experiences with Roku and FireTV, so the cost doesn’t bother me at all - if they come out with a new model with some modest incremental improvements and a more ergonomic remote (keep the same control layout) I will be rushing to buy it to improve the experience that much more.
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macsound1 Avatar
26 months ago

I keep hearing this. I look at it as, my ATV4K is the least expensive piece of my home theater system (and no, I don’t have one of those giant OLED screens, my TV is pretty modest), yet it’s the piece that I interact directly with the most - it’s my UI for everything I ask of the system, and I vastly prefer the ATV4K to past experiences with Roku and FireTV, so the cost doesn’t bother me at all - if they come out with a new model with some modest incremental improvements and a more ergonomic remote (keep the same control layout) I will be rushing to buy it to improve the experience that much more.
I agree with this.

People who tend to use the built-in interface of their TV have succumb to mediocrity. Especially if they buy multiple TVs for their household at different times of different brands.
Who wants to learn the subtle differences between the Sony and Samsung TV interface when they're going from their living room to bedroom.

Heck, people used to spend $500 to use a Tivo instead of their cable company's "DVR". What's the big deal about $200 for an Apple TV if that means they get to use a superior device that integrates into their lifestyle?

People spend $200 on smart door locks, smart thermostats, smart lightbulbs, smart toothbrushes, why not $200 once for the hardware replacement for your overpriced monthly cable subscription?

I want the freedom to replace my TV and not need to [S]learn[/S] tolerate some manufacturer's lame excuse for an interface. Really, I want to replace my TV and care less about the "smart" features because I know I can completely ignore them.
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CWallace Avatar
26 months ago

I’m expecting an “Apple TV Mini” within the next year.
The HomePod Mini uses the Apple Watch SoC instead of the iPhone SoC and that has to be much cheaper. So perhaps Apple will make a custom "TV" SoC that handles video and audio decoding only (with say 8GB of RAM to cache content) and would be small enough and cheap enough to fit in an "Apple TV Mini" dongle that could be like $99.

Apple could then offer the "full size" Apple TV with the A14X SoC and 32/64GB at $179 with Apple Arcade support (and whatever apps might need the power of an A14X).
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