Apple Offering Some Users an Extra Month of Free Apple Arcade Access

Apple today sent out emails to some former Apple Arcade subscribers, offering them another month of free access.

It's not entirely clear how many people are receiving the additional month of Apple Arcade service to try it out, but the emails may be going out to those who tried ‌Apple Arcade‌ for a month and then canceled it after the trial period was over.

For customers who used their free month trial right when the ‌Apple Arcade‌ service came out, there was a limited number of games available. Apple has been regularly releasing new ‌Apple Arcade‌ games and there are now over a hundred, all of which are free from in-app purchases and ads.

Apple may be wanting to provide those early subscribers with a chance to test the service in its more fleshed out form, with many more game titles to choose from. Those who received the email can tap on the "Get Started" text to receive a promo code to input into ‌Apple Arcade‌ for the additional free month.

After a one-month free trial, Apple Arcade is priced at $4.99 per month, and that price tag provides access for the whole family.

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nutmac Avatar
9 months ago
Apple should release 2 versions of Apple TV 6:


[TD]Apple TV Arcade[/TD]
[TD]Apple TV[/TD]
[TD]Apple Arcade Controller, redesigned Siri Remote[/TD]
[TD]Apple Remote (no Siri and Touch Surface)[/TD]
[TD]UI and Video: 4K HDR
Games: Rendered at 1080p HDR / upscaled to 4K HDR[/TD]
[TD]UI and Video: 4K HDR
Games: 1080p HDR[/TD]
[TD]Apple Arcade Promo Code[/TD]
[TD]Apple TV+ Promo Code[/TD]
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User 6502 Avatar
9 months ago
I had it for a while then decided to stop the subscription. The games were really not worth it. I’d rather have 20 good games rather than 100 bad ones.
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now i see it Avatar
9 months ago
Lots of nibbles, not many bites
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simonmet Avatar
9 months ago
Lol. They must need to get the numbers up for an annual report or something.
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MrJM Avatar
9 months ago
Bar neo cab and what the golf, I wasn’t overly impressed. Most of them are just throw away games you play for a few minutes and forget about. I’d rather spend on a full blown PS4 or switch game than this! For example, I recently bought Resi 2 for £15 and it’s fantastic! I’d take that over three months of Arcade anyday!
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anthogag Avatar
9 months ago
Why aren’t there much more “mature” and “adult rated” games on Arcade?
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