Finance App 'Copilot' Adds Support for Importing Apple Card Statements


Copilot, a subscription-based finance and budgeting app, today announced support for importing Apple Card data directly from the Wallet app.

Copilot is able to analyze ‌Apple Card‌ statements, parsing transaction data, identifying recurring subscriptions, and removing duplicate transactions. The new feature lets ‌Apple Card‌ users take advantage of Copilot's budgeting, subscription tracking, and transaction monitoring tools without the need to manually copy data into the app.

‌Apple Card‌ data can be imported into Copilot along with data from other financial institutions, making credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, and investment accounts available in one place for monitoring purposes.

Copilot founder Andres Ugarte says that ‌Apple Card‌ integration has been in the works since Apple announced it would let users export data into third-party apps.

Apple card support has been a top request from our users since we launched. This integration required extensive backend development to ensure that upon import, Copilot could seamlessly integrate ‌Apple Card‌ data with the rest of a user's financial life. We wanted to ensure we weren't cutting any corners, and that ‌Apple Card‌ transactions could take advantage of the same algorithmic categorization and analysis that Copilot uses for other financial institutions.

Copilot is able to parse the data from financial accounts, locating and tracking subscriptions and bills, providing notifications when users get paid, and offering an end-of-month summary that details how and where money was spent.

Copilot is a subscription based app and using it requires a $2.99 per month fee, though there is a free trial available. [Direct Link]

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1 week ago
It’s great to see more and more financial apps integrate this feature.

Personally I’ve been enjoying this feature on Banktivity (version 7). Both on the iOS app and the MacOS version as well.

Full disclosure, I’m just a happy customer of this app and have no financial incentive to gain. Been using it for about 10 years now (give or take) when it was called iBank.
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1 week ago

I started using Microsoft Money early on and it helped me so much with understanding and caring about my finances. I credit it for being a huge reason in why I've always cared about financial planning as an adult. But life got busier right when MS Money was sunset. I looked at using iBank and Moneydance at the time. I think I even purchased Moneydance, but I just never got around to using them. I knew I didn't want to go with Quicken. Would you highly recommend Banktivity? Are you happy with Banktivity, especially in regards to investment tracking?

As another Banktivity user for years (started when it was iBank) it has become my main financial management software after trying every Quicken version for Mac, Moneydance, Money Pro, MoneyWiz - you name it. iBank was solid already, the update/change to Banktivity has made it perfect. I find it better than Quicken for Windows which many used years ago when personal finance management software for OS X was a barren market.

Someone else asked about the Direct Access fee. I only use Banktivity on my Mac's so I don't know if there is an extra charge for the mobile versions but it's a $39.95 or so annual fee and works with every bank I use - from JP Morgan Chase Bank to my German bank accounts (live between NY and Berlin) and even department store credit cards, it works seamlessly without having to pay additional fees for individual banks/accounts as some require. I use Banktivity on my Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, and iMac 5K and I simply log into my Direct Access account with Banktivity. I'd be surprised if they charge additionally for Direct Access on their mobile apps but I've never used them.

Hope that helps.
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1 week ago
Until they get MINT support I simply can't make it work for me. MINT is too integrated into my budgeting, and I know that's the same for a lot of people. If someone could offer me a more seamless solution that offers the same connectivity options, I'd be happy to try it.
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1 week ago
I am a Mint user as well.
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1 week ago
Paging YNAB.
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1 week ago
If I’m reading this right it means you can import your statement once per month after the month has ended… better than nothing, I guess. But for budgeting to work well for me I need to see it work during each month.
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